Early Warp Alien Shuttlecraft with Adventure notes

I was digging around and found a ship that I had forgotten about with the notes from the adventure that it was used in it is a simple small craft that has little in the way of luxury. It is basically the successor to Cochran’s Phoenix and a predecessor to the NX class. The notes are at the bottom of the mission.

There was an intention of returning to the planet later but never actually materialized as the Klingon and Dominion Wars reared up. I have not included the notes about the sequel as they are incomplete and not all mine as they are also partly Dave’s my co master of ceremonies. Like always the ship is for your viewing and the notes are basically below.

Early Warp Alien craft
Class and Type: Alien Long Range Exploration crafts
Commissioning Date: early twenty-third century

Hull Systems
Size: 2
Length: 9.5 meters
Beams: 5 meters
Height: 2.8 meters
Decks: 1
Mass: 4.5 metric tons
SUs Available: 500 (326 – 625)
SUs Used: 242

Hull Outer <8>
Hull Inner <8>
Resistance Outer Hull: 1 <0>
Resistance Inner Hull: 1 <0>

Structural Integrity Field [1 Power/10 Protection/round]
Main: Class B (Protection 8/12) <5>
Backup: Class B (Protection 4) <3>
Backup: Class B (Protection 4) <3>
Specialized Hull: Atmospheric Capability <2>
Planetfall Capability <2>

Personnel Systems
Class/Passengers/Evac: 2/2/10
Crew Quarters
Artificial Suspension Chamber: houses 4 crew and passengers [1 power/round] <1>

Environmental Systems
Basic Life Support [2 Power/round] <8>
Reserve Life Support [1 power/round] <4>
Emergency Life Support (no emergency shelters) <4>
Gravity [1 Power/round] <2>
Consumable: 10 years’ worth <20>
Food Storage [0 Power/round] <2>
Medical Facilities: 1 (+0) [1 Power/round] <5>
Personnel Transport: Jefferies Tubes <2>
Fire Suppression System [1 Power/round when active] <2>

Propulsion Systems
Warp Drive Nacelles: Mark 1 <3>
Speed: 1.0/1,1/1.2 [1 Power/.2 warp speed]
PIS: Type K (up to 24 hours of Maximum warp) <22>
Impulse Engine Type: Type 1 (.1c/.2c) [1/2 Power/round] <2>
Location: aft
Reaction Control System (.025c) [2 Power/round when in use] <2>

Warp Engine Type: Class 2/B (generates 49 Power/round) <25>
Location: aft
Solar power collector Panels (generates 10 power/round when deployed) <3>
Impulse Engine[s]: 1 Type 1 (generates 3 Power/engine/round)
Auxiliary Power: none
Emergency Power: Type Zero (generates 10 Power/round) <10>
EPS: Standard Power flow, +50 Power transfer/round <15>
Standard Usable Power: 51

Bridge: Forward cockpit <10>

Computers (Pre Duotronic)
Core 1: Amidship [1 Power/round] <1>
ODN <6>

Navigational Deflector [6 Power/round] <6>
Range: 8/15,000/40,000/125,000
Accuracy: 6/7/9/12
Location: Ventral

Sensor Systems
Long-range Sensors [5 Power/round] <3>
Range Package: Mark 0 (Accuracy 4/5/8/11)
High Resolution: 1 Light-year (0.3/0.4 -0.6/0.7 – 0.9/0.91 - 1.0)
Low Resolution: 3 light-years (0.5/0.6 - 1.0/1.1 - 2.0/2.1 - 3.0)
Strength Package: Class 1 (Strength 1)
Gain Package: Standard (+0)
Coverage: Standard

Lateral Sensor [5 Power/round] <2>
Strength Package: Class 1 (Strength 1)
Gain Package: Standard (+0)
Coverage: Standard

Navigational Sensor [5 Power/round] <2>
Strength Package: Class 1 (Strength 1)
Gain Package: Standard (+0)
Sensor Skill: 2

Flight Control Systems Autopilot: Shipboard systems (flight Control) 0, Coordination 0 [1 Power/round in use] <0>

Navigational Computer
Main: Class 1 (+0) [0 Power/round] <0>
Backup: 1 <0>

Inertial Damping Field
Main <4>
Strength: 2 [3 Power/round]
Number: 1
Backup <1>
Strength: 1 [2 Power/round]
Number: 1
Attitude control [1 power/round] <1>

Communications Systems
Type: Type I Interplanetary Radio [3 Power/round] <1>
Strength: 1
Security: -0

Tractor Beams - none
Transporters - none

Security Systems Rating:<0>
Anti-Intruder System: none
Internal Force Fields - none
Science Systems Rating 1 (+0) [1 Power/round] <7>
Specialized Systems: None
Laboratories: None

Two Lasers <3>
Type equal to a Sorac class
Damage: 20 [2 Power]
Number of Emitters: (up to 1 shot per round)
Targeting Systems: Accuracy 6/7/9/12
Range: 4/10,000/30,000/100,000
Location: one forward and one aft
Firing arc: 120
Firing Modes: standard and pulse,

TA/T/TS: Class Zero [0 Power/round] <6>
Strength: 6
Bonus: +0
Weapon Skill: 2

Shields (Forward, Aft, Port, Starboard) <6 x 4 = 24>
Shield Generator: Class 1 (Protection 50) [5 Power/shield/round]
Shield grid: Type a (25% increase to 62 Protection)
Subspace Field Distortion Amplifiers: Class Alpha (Threshold 16)
Recharging System: Class 0 (75 seconds)
Backup Shield Generators: none
Auto-Destruct System <2>

Auxiliary Spacecraft System: None

Description notes:
Fleet Data: A primitive type of craft designed for long duration Exploration to a neighboring star system. The craft could travel to the neighboring system in three years and return. They were in the process of exploring the planet during the years of the construction of these vessels.

The species is generally a peaceful intent but do understand that there are dangers out there and have armed their ships with their most advanced weapons systems. They ship is as sturdy as they could make it at their level of development. Basically, they are at a point a little more advanced that present day Earth.

This particular space going craft from the adventure was specifically designed to explore the frontier and learn what was learnable. When encountered the craft was on a mission to reach the limit of the known universe as the species that created the ship lived in a nebula ten light years long, several light years across and five in depth. The craft punched through the edge of the nebula and became lost beyond the nebula as it no longer had navigational references and their radio signals no longer penetrated the outer boundary of the nebula. The craft was discovered by the Nebula class Starship USS Discovery NCC-62049 in the 2368 when it detected the craft a drift for twenty-two light years at sublight speeds from the nebula, ninety-three years after launch. The warp drive had failed after ten years when the deuterium fuel had run out the computer had deployed the solar power collectors and allowed the craft to maintain a minimal power level allowing the crew to survive.

The initial first contact was violent as they alien craft fired on the Discovery with their lasers with little effect against Starfleet Shields. The crew of the Discovery was able to eliminate their shields and beam the crew off the ship and eliminate the nominal threat they possessed. The Captain convinced the alien crew that they were no threat and learned of their travels. The Captain and crew decide to return them to their home world.

On returning them to their home world the Discovery made a peaceful first contact with the inhabitance who at first thought them to be gods but learned that they were merely living creatures like themselves. The intelligent lifeforms of the nebula had used the ships to visit their neighboring star system just over four light years away and return. When the Discovery crew returned the explorers a hundred years later the people had advanced with faster versions of the ship and had settled on the neighboring stars only habitable planet with a thriving colony.

This is a very primitive craft compared to most Star Trek ships.

Let me know what you think.