I will have to do a spacedock write-up of this, haven't done one in a long while. It won't fit the SU's very well, as it is quite OP but that seems to be the trend these days. But as with the Phonenix write-ups, I am going to ignore the SU's and just go with the write up as quoted in memory gamma adapted to spacedock.


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The Invincible-class is the single largest multi-mission combat-equipped starship ever constructed by Starfleet. She is designed as the ultimate in front line explorers. She is classified as a Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship. Invincible-class ships combine the roles of battleship and fighter carrier, having a massive offensive capability in terms of onboard weapons and a huge compliment of tactical fighters.

At 1,607.2 meters in length, 764.4 meters across, and 305.76 meters high, it is the largest starship class ever built by Starfleet.