We were having a discussion of the Federation Fleet in orbit of Mars and the number of ships that were there. I heard that by the time of Star Trek Picard Starfleet has ten thousand ships most of which are in orbit of Mars. The matter of there was not enough time to construct that many ships in Starfleet. So here are my figures on the ability to construct that many ships. I decided to place this in spacedock as it deals with Spacedock numbers and construction times. So, I sat down to figure out the time that would take to manufacture that many ships using the spacedock manufacturing methods that I have worked out for starship construction.

I used the Excelsior as it would be an average size making up for the smaller ships and equaling out for the larger. A single spacedock can install one SU per eight hours and using an Excelsior class starship 2211 SUís per ship. It would take a shade over two years around the clock work details to finish construction. Using two hundred orbital dry dock facilities it would still take one hundred years to make the needed number of starships for the massacre in orbit of Mars. This does not take into consideration the ships that are lost to whatever accident or fighting so there would have to be at least three hundred or more Orbital Dry Docks and all the support construction facilities that is needed to create a single starship. The newer the ships such as a protype would clearly take three times as long.

I know of the San Francisco Shipyards, McKinley Station, Utopia Mars, and I want to say Antares Yards along with another that I cannot remember the name of that was mentioned in the Next Generation as major construction yards. McKinley station I think is a single Orbital Dry Dock constructing. So, spreading a three hundred of these Orbital Dry Docks around to the four yards it would be easy to construct the ships. There could even e more facilities out there that we are not aware of that participated in the construction.

This also does not take in the number of Starbases that would have been refitting and repairing starships that come in. all ships would have to have periodic refits and maintenance that would take up time at these facilities. Starships would need refitting every twenty to twenty-five years. And a complete overhaul every forty years and refitting like the Enterprise from the Motion Picture.

Yet increasing the construction to the installation of three SUís per eight hours would shorten the construction to eight months on average and the ten thousand would take twenty-two years to complete the fleet of ships. The Enterpriseís Refit from the Motion picture was eighteen months and figuring those months at an average of thirty days would be 5.3 SUís stripped and reinstalled per day. That is stripping the ship down to the hull inner and outer 24 each using that as the skeleton of the ship. One of the 24ís would likely include the exterior covering yes. So, I could easily see my way to modifying the Starship manufacturing rules that our group uses.

So, using my construction methods the one hundred years from the End of The Original Series Movies to the time of Picard it is more than possible to create ten thousand starships.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter?