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Thread: So what was in the Academy boxed set?

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    So what was in the Academy boxed set?

    The one LUG book I never picked up. Initially I just wasn't interested, but now I'm kind of wondering what I missed. What was inside?
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    Just taking a look for you, its been a while since I last opened it.

    Cadets guide to Sector 001
    Sol system in the Styar Trek universe

    Narrators Guide
    How to run an academy level game, background on the academy and some scenarios.

    Srafleet Academy Handbook
    Players Guide stuff, First half a detailed curriculum, second half NPCs, personality archtype character generation, equipment...

    Map of Starfleet Academy Campus/reverse Starfleet cadet uniforms
    Map of the Sol System (LCARs style)/reverse Luna and Mars maps
    and a Starfleet academy graduation certificate.
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    I ended up finding and buying the copy of the box set I had passed on a decade ago at the FLGS.

    It seems a little thin, and has the overall problem that all LUG TNG sourcebooks have (aside from the Way of Kolinahr and Holodeck Adventures): The core assumption is that you want to run a whole campaign featuring the topic, instead of using it as an element in one or more episodes of a regular TNG-style game.
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    Well, that's just the nature of the beast, presenting a small aspect of the universe as a whole playable campaign. After all, Trek has more that just about any other genre subject in setting material outside of the published game materials, so it makes no sense to publish a book of just throwaway setting materials.

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    Specifically the problem (which first showed up in First Line) was that they gave you all these options for creating subsetting-specific characters and creating scenarios which relied on those specific characters, rather than assuming that you're playing a TNG game and thus they need to provide resources for the senior staff (or thereabouts) of a starship to get involved in those kinds of episodes. (Also, why was the espionage book first? It's kind of bizarre that that was a priority over To Boldly Go.) It needed less of what we got and more of "Why and how [Picard/Kirk/your PC] is doing this?" "What adventures can [your PC] have while visiting Earth? What's fun about exploring something that's probably familiar to your character, but new to you?" Even one of the cadet adventures in the book takes place primarily outside of Sector 001 (though simulated), which makes me wonder if the authors themselves couldn't cut that Gordian knot of making the 24th century Earth a place to adventure.

    I suspect one of the reasons for the variant character generation rules is that splatbooks seem frankly easier material to outline and write? Or did the 3e-era notion of player-facing books selling better take hold a few years earlier at LUG?

    The nature of a DS9 campaign means that Pirates, Renegades and Rogues avoided this neatly, since any of the PCs involved could be hanging out on a space station and interacting with each other. They also had a decent number of episode seeds scattered throughout the book that assumed you were using the book to assemble antagonists for a Starfleet campaign, which may have indicated they learned their lesson?
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