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Thread: Jack Photon's 3rd Edition Framework House Rules

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    Jack Photon's 3rd Edition Framework House Rules

    Jack Photon's 3rd Edition Framework is fully deprecated!
    Some files remain online for those who do not want to go to the 4.0th Fantaversary Revision.
    This thread is otherwise historical and links should only be used by those few folks with 3rd Edition rule books.

    Hey all,
    Yesterday I released my long overdue work on the FASA Trek rules.
    Found here under 'House Rules'.

    Get them while they last. The internet giveth and can taketh without warning.

    My aim was to de-Wheeler-ize the 2nd edition rules back into 1st edition thinking, injecting Stardate and other sources into the flow, all while offering alternative thoughts on some rules and replacing others entirely with my house rules assembled over the years.

    The ST CBT guys were using the term '3rd edition' for their work, so I titled mine. The Fanta crew were using 'Framework' to describe their work. So too I, for this is an updated framework to rest your campaign upon.

    Book 1 is completely revised character creation, including Enlisted and Citizens, awards, medals, lifepaths, revised and added Attributes and Abilities and many other little tweaks.

    Book2 is the game mechanics, largely 1st edition spiked with 2nd edition and some house tweaks along with Stardate and other sources

    Book 3 is the appendices for PCs and GMs with charts, forms, listings, and more.

    A spread of new character sheets and customizable GM screens with all the old and new tables gathered for fast reference.

    Medium Quality pdfs are there for a quick look for those with limited or slower connections. Medium Quality is not suitable for printing, go with Full Quality.

    There is a Briefing Room link on my site that will collect all Q&A I get from across the web.
    Looking to release the Adversaries into the 3rd edition framework for the 40th Fanta-versary next year. Will also release a 40th Ann revision of my house rules based on feedback from around the web. Other Supplements will include collecting all the economic, histories and so on into a cohesive format. NPC packs, maybe Modules and more stuff like that too.

    Please enjoy the site.
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    Now uploaded, four new NPC Rosters.

    Collect your custom-rolled NPC's into one of each Roster for NPC Officers, NCO/Enlisted, Citizenry and Generic Characters.

    Each Roster holds 25 characters. Each character has a 4-page Dossier comprised of the standard character sheets; Personal Notes, Appropriate Front sheet, Back sheet and Universal Profile.

    Sequentially laid out, these Rosters allow fast access to your NPCs. Give your characters a life and history! With these four sheets, there's nothing you won't know about each NPC you play.

    Briefing Room 1 is now open with a number of select questions to date, edition notes and a Fix list.

    Don't miss the new GM Screens and Character Sheet pack

    Side note: GM Screens have been re-numbered from S02 to GM01 and the Draft Player Brief has been re-numbered from M01 to GM06. New covers for both, same content.

    Hope this all helps someone someday.
    Live long and may the Force prosper with you.
    -Jack Photon
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    For those binding their 3rd Edition Framework books, here are spine labels!

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    Here's an important link,
    the Fixes and 40th Fantaversary Wish List

    2 Fixes are now up and ready.
    A typo on pages 7 in Book 1 and a missing sidebar in Book 2, p18.

    Sorry about those. These stragglers are a pain.
    Please let me know here if you happen upon any.
    Easy fixes, done fast. Deeper issues to be resolved in 40th Revision.

    Thanks kindly.
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    Found a typo in Book 3, page 101.
    Arcadian COOL LUC PSI die mods are one row too low.
    FIX: Raised one row

    Also, Book 1 p57 upgraded
    Watching Obsession, remembered Farragut lost 200 crew "11 years ago".
    Therefore is now noted on the Starship Disposition Chart while adding Kirk-Finney/Axanar Mission on Republic the year before and Talos IV as well.
    If you were on the Farragut, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Roll straight LUC, fail and you got a Purple Heart, roll appropriate table and hope it wasn't MORTAL!

    While nothing's perfect, if you find the timeline doesn't jibe with your conjecture, please slide the years forward or back as you see fit; all while retaining the role-play value that a Starship assignment chart spanning 24years and 14 starships can bring.

    If your copy of page 57 has Talos IV in 2254, download again. The fix is 2253. If you have 2253, that is the correct version for this chart. For the overall year, I took 1966 - 1968 and made it 2266 - 2268. Adjust accordingly.
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    One typo strikes twice, Book 2 p107 and GM Screens.
    Both regard Warp Theory. Venus is listed as .072 AU from Sol. Corrected to 0.72 AU

    GM Screens also had an error with the Gorn subtext, 'so to' correction: 'so too'.

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    Three new tweaks.
    Best of all, six new pages for the NPC Roster books.
    A quick glance gives you a look at everyone's Attributes and Abilities;
    Who is Contact Team and/or most qualified for Landing Party Duty and why along with your top Shuttle pilots, negotiators, survivalists, drivers and crack shots.
    A page keeps track of who is in the gym or in class or in lecture. Keeping PC's active in their off-duty is an excellent opportunity to role play NPC interactions and bonding. Who's up for bowling?
    Lastly two pages for quick GM notes such as who's up for promotion, any side plot ideas and things to "Remember."
    Looks like these here:

    But there's more than that...
    Blank spine labels for GM02-05 so the GM can magic marker in their own details.

    Lastly, the Draft Player Brief has been re-catalogued for the last time as Supplement S02.
    It's where it belongs and will not change again.

    All here.

    PS. I've assembled the first sets of GM Screens and may re-size them a dash to prepare for the pending youtube assembly video and other 3rd Edition gaming videos.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    It's just a month since signing up and releasing my 3rd Edition Framework. Just wanted to say thanks to all those checking in on this thread and hope you find this effort a worthy addition to your shelf and gaming considerations.

    The typo/gremlin hunt proceeds apace.
    Site tweaks are ongoing and will continue.
    While major efforts on this gaming system are now second to some other personal obligations, time will always be devoted to this project and small releases will be here and there.

    All questions answered here.
    All philosophical reasonings gladly debated.
    Would like to hear how others solved some of the problems that I have presented.

    Thanks again.

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    Supplement 03: Transporter Failure
    or direct:

    Fail Tables with consequences and a treatise on various aspects of Transporter operations.
    Includes photos I took last year at the Ticonderoga set tour.
    Make a point of going if you haven't. A jaw dropping experience.

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    Supplement 04, Hex Grid Sheets, 8mb
    or direct

    Matched pair of two, 11" x 17" hex sheets.
    27 rows by 41 columns.
    Numbered from 0101 - 4127
    Black and White backgrounds for printing/ink considerations.

    Not necessarily compatible with standard FASA counters.
    Custom counters to follow with the future Ship Recognition Supplement, focused exclusively on TOS/TAS era starships.


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    I should note to close 3rd edition out. While I've left some files on my site active for those who have the 3rd edition version of my rule set, the 4th edition is distinctly better. Though no 'rules' changed, some number ranges were tightened, further typos were eliminated and some 60 pages of Stardate and other source material were added while the entire layout was trimmed up that dash more.

    Full details are in this thread.

    All new files can be previewed and downloaded from the Internet archive here:

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