Lianbang Kuaidi Class II Light Transport

FASA STCS Template

Ship Data
Construction Data:
Class- II
Model- A-3
Date Entering Service- 2/8403.15 (March 15th, 2345)
Number Produced- 800
Superstructure- 9
Damage Chart- C
Dimensional Data:
Length- 75 meters
Width- 50 meters
Height- 25 meters
Weight- 12,000 mt
Atmospheric Entry/Landing- Yes
Control Computer Type- Mk Ia
Stealth Device Type- None
Power to Activate- N/A
Cargo Data:
Cargo Capacity- 165 SCUs
Metric Tonnage- 8,250 mt
Transporter Data:
3-person- 2
Cargo, Small- 2
Personnel Data:
Crew- 4
Passengers- 20
Shuttlecraft- 1
Engine Data:
Total Power- 9
Movement Point Ratio- 1/1
Warp Engine Type- OWC-1
Number- 1
Power Provided- 6
Stress Charts- E/E
Cruising Speed- Warp 6
Emergency Speed- Warp 7
Impulse Engine Type- KIA-3
Power Provided- 3
Weapons Data:
Beam Weapon Type- FH-12
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 2f
Firing Chart- R
Max Beam Power- 6
+2- 1-9
+1- 10-16
Defensive System Data:
Defense Shield Type- OSC
Shield Point Ratio- 1/3
Max Shield Power- 7
Balance Codes:
D- 35.75
WDF- 7.2

ICON Template

Class and Type: Lianbang Kuaidi-Class Light Transport
Commissioning Date: 2345
Hull Characteristics
Size: 3
Resistance: 3
Structural Points: 60
Operations Characteristics
Crew/Passengers/Evac: 4/20/120 [4 Power/Round]
Computers: 2 [2 Power/Round]
Transporters: 2 Personnel, 2 Cargo [2 Power/Round]
Tractor Beams: 1 av [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
Engines and Power Data
Warp System: 3.0/6.0/7.0 (18 hours) [2/Warp Facter]
Impulse System: .5c/.75c [5/7 Power/Round]
Power: 75
Sensor Data
Long-Range Sensors: +1/12 ly [6 Power/Round]
Lateral Sensors: +1/1 ly [4 Power/Round]
Navigational Sensors: +1 [5 Power/Round]
Sensor Skill: 3
Weapons Characteristics
Type V Phaser
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: Forward (360 degrees)
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 10
Power: [10]
Weapon Skill: 3
Defensive Characteristics
Type I Deflector Shield
Protection: 16/24
Power: [16]

CODA Template

Production Data
Origin: Independent Merchants
Class and Type: Lianbang Kuaidi-Class Light Transport
Year Launched: 2345
Hull Data
Structure: 15
Size/Decks: 3/5 decks
Length/Beam/Height: 75/50/25 meters
Complement: 4 + 20 Passengers
Operational Data
Atmospheric Systems: Yes
Cargo: 30
Cloaking Device: None
Life Support System: Class 1 (B)
Operations System: Class 3 (D)
Sensors: Class 2 (+2/C)
Seperation System: None
Shuttlebay: One
Shuttlecraft: 3 size worth
Tractor Beams: 1 av
Transporters: 2 standard, 2 cargo

Propulsion Data
Impulse System: Class 2 (.5c) (E)
Warp System: Class 3 (wf 3/6/7) (MCU) (E)

Tactical Data
Phaser Banks: Type V (x2/B)
Penetration: 4/3/3/0/0
Deflector Shield: PFF 2 (A)
Protection/Threshold: 12/2

Miscellaneous Data
Maneuvering: -1C +0H -1T
Traits: None

History: The Lianbang Kuaidi-Class is an angular, vaguely pyramidal priority transport developed at
Maracas and sold independently to traders of many species. It's name is Chinese for "Federal Express".