Class and Type: Mindar-Class Light Cruiser
Commissioning Date: 2375
Hull Characteristics
Size: 6
Resistance: 4
Structural Points: 120
Operations Characteristics
Crew/Passengers/Evac: 305/76/5715 [7 Power/Round]
Computers: 5 [5 Power/Round]
Transporters: 5 Personnel, 5 Cargo, 5 Emergency [7 Power/Round]
Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 fv [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
Engines and Power Data
Warp System: 8.0/9.6/9.982 (18 hours) [2/warp facter]
Impulse System: .75c/.95c [7/9 Power/Round]
Power: 195
Sensor Data
Long-Range Sensors: +2/19 ly [6 Power/Round]
Lateral Sensors: +2/2 ly [4 Power/Round]
Navigational Sensors: +3 [3 Power/Round]
Sensor Skill: 5
Weapons Characteristics
Type X Phaser
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All (720 degrees)
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 20
Power: [20]
Type II Photon Torpedoes
Number: 240
Launchers: 1 ad, 1 fv
Spread: 8
Range: 15/300,000/1,000,000/3,500,000
Arc: Forward and Aft, but are self-guided
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 20
Power: [5]
Weapon Skill: 5
Defensive Characteristics
Type VIn Deflector Shield
Protection: 60/75
Power: [60]

History: Another Exploratory-Oriented Project intended to make use of Bio-Neural Computing, as well as the more streamlined hullforms with elliptical/wedgelike primary hulls pioneered by the Intrepid- and Sovereign-Classes, the Mindar-Class, named for a star long known to Terran Astronomers for thousands of years, was developed at 40 Eridani A Shipyards, lagging and growing stale by 2365, news of the Borg and work into 4Xe Technology led to increased work on the Class with some design revisions, then a stalemate again, with the project almost cancelled twice, the Mindar-Class finally going into production with the Dominion War raging, and the first two ships, U.S.S Mindar and U.S.S Alzar being completed on June 10th, 2375, both operating as picket ships and as hunter-killers, soon being put to work to hunt down and destroy two small, rogue bands of Son'a causing trouble, before finally being reassigned to long-range exploration in 2377. The Class is currently being produced at 40 Eridani A Shipyards at a rate of 2 per year.

Noteworthy Vessels/Service Records/Encounters: U.S.S Mindar; - Prototype, used for secondary 4X System tests, Currently exploring outer Alpha Quadrant, and some Gamma Quadrant Systems under the command of the Bolian Commander Sias Dian, U.S.S Alzar; - discovered strange, penicillin-like agent on lush, forest world that was developed by it's medieval prewarp natives to cure many, many sicknesses (2381), assisted Hydran Expeditionary Force in harnessing Transwarp Conduit (2382), rescued stranded Romulan Archeological Team (2388), commanded by Pharris Bolwick, U.S.S Cirnar; - assigned to survey Class L and M Worlds near Starbase Tau, commanded by the Zaldan Desalen Viis, U.S.S Arnatha; - just completing shakedown cruiser, command has just been given to Kendra Sobchak, will soon be assigned to surveying the Outback;

CODA Template

Production Data
Origin: United Federation of Planets
Class and Type: Mindar-Class Light Cruiser
Year Launched: 2375
Hull Data
Structure: 30
Size/Decks: 0/0 decks
Length/Beam/Height: 366/188/66 meters
Complement: 305
Operational Data
Atmospheric Systems: Yes
Cargo: 70
Cloaking Device: None
Life Support System: Class 4 (E)
Operations System: Class 5 (F)
Sensors: Class 5 (+5/F)
Seperation System: None
Shuttlebay: One
Shuttlecraft: 6 size worth
Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 fv
Transporters: 5 standard, 5 cargo, 5 emergency

Propulsion Data
Impulse System: FIG-7 (.95c) (E)
Warp System: Class 8 (wf 8/9.6/9.982) (MCU) (E)

Tactical Data
Phaser Arrays: Type X (x3/D)
Penetration: 5/5/4/0/0
Photon/Quantum Torpedoes: Mk 90 DF (x2/D)
Penetration: 5/5/5/5/5 (6/6/6/6/6)
Deflector Shield: FSR (E)
Protection/Threshold: 17/4

Miscellaneous Data
Maneuvering: +1C +1H +2T
Traits: Intricate System (Operations), ACB Jacketing