Shipyards of Starfleet

By James Dixon and Meteo Methuselah Archon

Semper Fi

1)-------------San Francisco Fleet Yards
This is the Original, "Primary" Shipyard of Starfleet.
The Constitution and Sovereign Classes were developed here.

2)-------------Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
This is the largest shipyard in Starfleet, with 22 construction facilities in orbit,
and 4 large planetside construction yards. The Galaxy Class was developed here.

3)-------------Chandley Works
A base, planetside yard and handful of orbital facilities here typically construct
around 15 mostly combat-oriented vessels a year. The Chandley Class was developed here.
Located at Caravelia.

4)-------------Sol II
A somewhat minor producer of Assault Ships and Transports.

5)-------------Sol V
A medium-sized producer of Destroyers and Escorts.

6)-------------Sol VI
A small producer of Escorts and Scouts, although for a time, the Charger Class Destroyer,
albeit based on the EL Remora hull, was produced.

7)-------------Alpha Centauri
A producer of Cutters, and the only producer of Monitors for Starfleet.

8)-------------Proxima Centauri
A medium-sized yard wanting a "piece of the action", producing many vessels of all shapes,
sizes and roles.

9)-------------40 Eridani A
A medium-sized yard producing mainly Cruisers.

10)------------Harrull Hullworks
A large producer of ships in all shapes, sizes and roles.

11)------------New Aberdeen
A major produced of Heavy Cruisers. They also used to build Dreadnoughts, but with the
Utopianist Reformations of 2300, production of Dreadnoughts and Battleships has been
replaced with Heavy Explorers.

12)------------Donmasto Shipyards
A newcomer, having rose to prominence with production of a few Destroyer and Frigate
Classes in the late 23rd Century, they produce a medium-sized number of mainly combat-oriented

13)------------Antares Fleet Yards
Producing mainly older designs, and refits/variants of older designs, they first developed
a sturdier ECM-equipped variant of the Excelsior Class in 2294. Decades later, they developed
the Defiant Class in cooperation with the ASDB.

14)------------Protostar Construction Corps
A small yard producing high-tech designs.

15)------------Ptzue Colony
A handful of Space Stations and Drydocks in the Appal System focusing on heavy reuse of existing
designs and components and many bizarre, sometimes nightmarish hull configurations.

16)------------Copernicus Shipyards
The lunar Shipyard, producing small numbers of Cruisers, Scouts and Warpshuttles.

Andorian/Tellarite owned and operated shipyard, often works with larger shipyards in mass-producing
mostly combat-capable classes.

18)------------Chiokis Construction Corps
Andorian Shipyards located near Andor and some of it's sister planets and moons.

19)------------Gnarrbaxis Engineering
Tellarite Shipyards, had a hand in construction of some 22nd century Cruisers, and produces thousands
of mostly non-combat ships a year.

Small shipyard that produced mainly Destroyers, Scouts and Escorts.

Shipyard constructed in orbit of Troyass, one of the Elas/Troyass Coupling. Producing roughly
30-50 ships of small-midsized classes.

Major series of Shore Leave Facilities, bases and Shipyards at Argelius, producing hundreds of
ships of mostly smaller or non-combat classes.

Small, new shipyard that has only built a very small number of combat-oriented designs, their
major achievement being the Eximius-Class Tactical Cruiser.

24)------------Hanson Shipyards
Small Shipyard that only builds certain Starfleet and Independent special orders for unique designs.

25)------------Bath Rhodium Works
Very old British Shipyard that is known for building the Burke-Class Light Frigate, and designing
several proposed Classes of Battle Frigate.

26)------------Vickors Shipbuilding
Small British Shipyard that assisted in building some of the Constitution-Class Heavy Cruisers,
one of their only original designs being the Sealance-Class Light Cruiser.

27)------------Puget Sound Shipyards
Medium-sized shipyard that built mostly Cruisers of over twenty-one different classes.

Medium-sized shipyard that produces ships of every shape and size in small quantities, most notably
the Royal Sovereign-Class Heavy Explorer and Loknar-Class Heavy Frigate.