Other Weapons from Star Trek

In the animated episode if More Tribble, More Trouble the Klingons had a new weapon. The inhibits a targeted starships function basically making it an undefended target. Nevertheless, the weapon requires so much power that in makes the ship equipped with the weapon equally vulnerable. And then the Deflector as a weapon from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode of The Best of Both Worlds part two. These are my notes for these weapons.

Klingon Inhibitor (“Neutralizer”) Beam
SU’s Cost: 130 for the beam emitter
Power Cost: 260 power per round the weapon is fired

Though this weapon can target up to three different ships one can be easily neutralized. The weapon’s beam becomes unstable and fails after a few rounds this is the reason the weapon never made it past the experimental field use. Difficulty doubles each round till the weapon fails if the there is more than one ship the difficulty is also doubled again for each additional ship.

The weapon was discontinued and shelved as it left the equipped ship with little or no ability to defend itself. Once the weapons effects were analyzed, starships systems were altered to make it so that such a weapon was no longer effective against a Federation starship.

Note: This weapon differs from the shield neutralizing beam utilized by the Borg. Though these weapons act the same, nevertheless the Borg weapon can disable shields but not in the same as the Inhibitor (“Neutralizer”) Beam does.

Also note: A starship can project a Neutralizer Field against another ship that suppress the ships systems and inhibits the ship from functioning. To arrange such a field the ship must be in close proximity to the targeted starship utilizing the ships Navigational Defector. (During the 22nd century Enterprise Era a Starship defector can double the power to deflector to project a field ten time the power projected / during the 23rd Century The Original Series Era the deflector can triple the power and disable twenty time the power projected / and during the 24th Century The Next Generation (Deep Space Nine & Voyager) Era a ship can quadruple the power to the deflector and thirty time the power projected). For each distance the ship is away from the target the difficulty quadruples. Such a device can be employed by and ship capable of generating enough power to be directed to the deflector system

Using the Ships Main Deflector as a Weapon

The group wanted to use the Main Deflector as a weapon like the Enterprise-D did with the Borg in the Best of Both Worlds. I could not find anything in the books about it so here is the rules that I made up on the spot for using the Deflector as a Weapon. I believe they did the same thing in Enterprise against the Spheres in Star Trek Enterprise’s third season.

This is the main Deflector for the Enterprise-D as it appears to be in Spacedock.

Navigational Deflector [5 Power/round] <32>
Range: 10/20,000/50,000/150,000
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Location: Forward Ventral

In the Best of Both Worlds the crew of the Enterprise-D installed power transfer conduits to the deflector and I would assume some kind of transformer unit to raise up the power output to the main deflector. Using the damage that the Phasers and Disruptors due to the power output I applied that to the deflector’s output. So, as it stands the Deflector uses 5 power and cause ten times the damage. Each of the additional points of power costs one SU to the cost of the deflector and doubles the damage that the deflector can normally do. For each transformer installed the damage is double, and that is adds a cost of 5 SU’s per transformer. Then there is the frequencies modulation that can quadruple the deflector damage with a difficulty challenge of 13 or better. The modifications to the deflector take 20 minutes per SU’s so the modifications would take five hours. With a damage output up to 1200 damage to a Borg Cube’s power grid. For the double of the power and number of transformers it is added double’s the range. The damage is directed against the power grid and the internal resistance is applied to the damage. With no power grid to transfer the power the power cannot reach any of the systems leaving the power to spill out over the systems causing damage to the ship eventually causing it to be destroyed in theory. The defector is capable of causing extensive damage to a stationary target a moving target the weapon is useless.

He deflector can only be modified by thirty percent above the normal used SUs rounding up plus five SUs.

Navigational Deflector [5 + 5 Power/round] <32 + 5 (additional power conduits) + (one power transformers) 5 = 42>
Range: 10/20,000/50,000/150,000 (20/40,000/100,000/300,000)
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 200
Location: Forward Ventral

Personal Note: There was another alteration to the Deflector this was the power is multiplied by thirty in the Enterprise Era; multiplied by fifty for The Original Series Era; and ten time for The Next Generation Era. This required the addition of transforming units (5 SUs adding an additional five power to the Deflector up to a third of the unaltered SUs) doubling the output of the weapon. The three was the addition of the modulation multiplying the damage by another ten. This created a weapon that could inflict 1500 damage to a targeted ship.

If there is some rule in the books, I could not find it with a quick flip through the book or a search of the PDF’s. Let me know if you know. If you have anything to add, feel free. I thought that this worked out well as it was quick, and slip shot written. (Sense I originally generated this quick fix I have altered it only slightly.)