System Profile-

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World Log: Shira
System Data:
System Name: Chi Mensae Epsilon
Number of Class M Worlds: 1
Planetary Data:
Position in System: VII
Number of Satellites: 3
Planetary Gravity: 1.2g
Planetary Size:
Diameter: 15,600 km
Equatorial Circumference: 48,000 km
Total Surface Area: 611,000,000 sq km
Percent Land Mass: 27%
Total Land Area: 181,420,000 sq km
Planetary Conditions
Length of Day: 29 hours
Atmospheric Density: Thick
General Climate: Cool Temperate
Mineral Content
Normal Metals: 51%
Radioactive: 13%
Gemstones: 3%
Industrial Crystals: 11%
Special Minerals: 3%
Cultural Data:
Dominant Lifeform: Non-Sentient Orangutans and 1.8 meter pillbugs
Technological/Sociopolitical Index: Federation
Planetary Trade Profile: ECEFBDE/C (D)

Originally mapped by the USS Skuld in 2238, the Chi Mensae Epsilon Worlds have been largely unremarkable,
when a follow-up mission by the USS Enterprise occured in 2275, there was a dispute with the Human-Fusion
Korog Sutai Simparri and his crew aboard the D-10 Cruiser IKS MoB'Ip, and a fight, with some confusion involving
a being of unstable plasma on the planet, and some unstable Yttrium-Uranium Deposits near the largest Mountain,
dubbed the "Aoseiki Tenho" by Science Officer Tezuka, soon after, relations between the two Star Nations settled
uneasily, and some Federation citizens, mostly Humans and Deltans settled on the planet in 2299, founding
a fairly prosperous Agricultural and Horticultural Colony prominent for at least 852 years.