System Profile

4 2 63 48 15 38

World Log: TaQos'
System Data:
System Name: Strellan
Number of Class M Worlds: 1
Planetary Data:
Position in System: II
Number of Satellites: 2
Planetary Gravity: 1.1G
Planetary Size:
Diameter: 14,300 km
Equatorial Circumference: 44,000 km
Total Surface Area: 561,000,000 sq km
Percent Land Mass: 79%
Total Land Area: 443,990,000 sq km
Planetary Conditions
Length of Day: 32 hours
Atmospheric Density: Terrestrial
General Climate: Warm Temperate
Mineral Content
Normal Metals: 23%
Radioactive: 13%
Gemstones: 27%
Industrial Crystals: 5%
Special Minerals: 20%
Cultural Data:
Dominant Lifeform: Klingon
Technological/Sociopolitical Index: Klingon
Planetary Trade Profile: BBCDCCD/B (A)

The Planet TaQos' is a world covered in lush wilderness, with numerous species of bird, over a third of them flightless, and small, hibernating tree mammal. This world is used by many in the Klingon Empire, both Military and Civilian, for extensive training, vacationing and relaxation.