FASA STCS Template

Ship Data
Construction Data:
*Class- XXIII
*Model- Mk I
*Date Entering Service- 4/9203.02 (March 2nd, 2555)
*Number Produced- 242
Superstructure- 568
Damage Chart- C
Dimensional Data:
*Length- 1,028 meters
*Width- 750 meters
*Height- 344.5 meters
*Weight- 1,664,000 mt
*Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
Control Computer Type- QS-10 (x2)
Stealth Device Type- UCCD
Power to Activate- 12
Cargo Data:
*Cargo Capacity- 3024 SCUs
*Metric Tonnage- 151,200 mt
Transporter Data:
*8-person- 12
*25-person Combat- 8
*26-person Emergency- 8
*Cargo, Large- 2
*Cargo, Small- 20
Personnel Data:
*Crew- 3,820
*Passengers- 1,280
*Troops- 1,800
*Shuttlecraft- 32
*Shuttlepods- 16
*Shuttleprobes- 64
*Runabouts- 6
*Cargo Shuttles- 4
*Assault Shuttles- 4
Engine Data:
Total Power-
*Movement Point Ratio- 9/1
*Slip Engine Type- UCQSSE-3
*Number- 2
*Power Provided- 175 ea
*Stress Charts- XD/XF
*Cruising Speed- Slip 7.3
*Emergency Speed- Slip 8.2
*Impulse Engine Type- UEIG-2
*Power Provided- 140
Weapons Data:
*Beam Weapon Type- UCC-11
*Number- 36
*Firing Arcs- 12 f/p/s, 2 f/p, 2 f/s (<--4 concealed), 3p, 3s, 6 360o arc, 2 p/a, 2 s/a, 4a
*Firing Chart- X
*Max Beam Power- 46
+2- 1-15
+1- 16-22
*Heavy Weapon Type- UCHD-7
*Number- 64
*Firing Arcs- 16 f/p, 16 f/s, 16 a/p, 16 a/s
*Firing Chart- Z
*Power to Arm- 6
*Damage- 70
Defensive System Data:
*Defense Shield Type- UCST
*Shield Point Ratio- 1/26
*Max Shield Power- 250
*Sextanium Armour- 140 per facing
Balance Codes:
*D- 1,645.23
*WDF- 5,533.6

ICON Template

*Class and Type: Dauntless-Class Heavy Cruiser
*Commissioning Date: 2555
Hull Characteristics
*Size: 10
*Resistance: 10 (+200 Ablative Armour)
*Structural Points: 200
Operations Characteristics
*Crew/Passengers/Troops/Evac: 3820/1280/1800/32000 [9 Power/Round]
*Computers: 12 [12 Power/Round]
*Transporters: 12 Personnel, 8 Assault, 8 Emergency, 22 Cargo [25 Power/Round]
*Tractor Beams: 2 ad, 1 av, 1 fd, 1 fv [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
Engines and Power Data
*Slip System: 4.8/7.3/8.2 (8 days) [3/Slip facter]
*Impulse System: .85c/.97c [8/10 Power/Round]
*Power: 755
Sensor Data
*Long-Range Sensors: +4/50 ly [6 Power/Round]
*Lateral Sensors: +4/5 ly [4 Power/Round]
*Navigational Sensors: +5 [5 Power/Round]
Sensor Skill: 5
Weapons Characteristics
Type XI Customizer
*Range: 40/40,000/150,000/400,000
*Arc: All (720 degrees)
*Accuracy: 3/4/6/9
*Damage: 46
*Power: [46]
Type VII Hadron Torpedoes
*Number: 800
*Launchers: 2 ad, 2 fv
*Spread: 16
*Range: 40/400,000/1,600,000/4,800,000
*Arc: Forward and Aft, but are self-guided
*Accuracy: 3/4/6/9
*Damage: 70
*Power: [10]
Weapon Skill: 5
Defensive Characteristics
*Type LVI Deflector Shield
Protection: 245/380
Power: [245]

CODA Template

Production Data
*Origin: United Coalition of Perfection
*Class and Type: Dauntless-Class Heavy Cruiser
*Year Launched: 2555
Hull Data
*Structure: 70 (an additional 10 Sextanium Ablative Armour)
*Size/Decks: 12/102 decks
*Length/Beam/Height: 1020/750/344.5 meters
*Complement: 3,820 + 1,800 troops/Specialty or VIP Personnel
Operational Data
*Atmospheric Systems: Atmospheric only
*Cargo: 165
*Cloaking Device: Class 7 (Rating 28)
*Life Support System: Class 8 (H)
*Operations System: Class 8 (H)
*Sensors: Class 8a (+8/GG)
*Seperation System: Multi-Vecter Assault Mode
*Shuttlebays: Four
*Shuttlecraft: 44 size worth
*Tractor Beams: 2 ad, 1 av, 1 fd, 1 fv
*Transporters: 12 standard, 8 combat, 22 cargo, 8 emergency

Propulsion Data
*Impulse System: UEIG-2 (.97c) (F)
*Slip System: UCQSSE-3 (sf 4.8/7.3/8.2) (SCU) (F)

Tactical Data
*Customizer Arrays: Type XI (x3 saucer, x4 stardrive, x1 concealed/G)
*Penetration: 13/13/12/0/0
*Hadron Torpedoes: Mk 160 DF (x4/G)
*Penetration: 19/19/19/19/19
*Deflector Shield: FSX-X5 (E)
*Protection/Threshold: 23/13

Miscellaneous Data
*Maneuvering: +3C -4H +4T
*Traits: Various Advanced Thingies, Modular, Holosystems, Prototype, Battle-Tested

The Dauntless-Class, named for the first Starfleet ship ever launched in 2161, and a warlike vessel at that, an enormous Potato-Shaped Battlecruiser (NCC-01), was a giant, refined mid sixth-generation X-Ship, developed by a team headed by Carroll Brisco at Donmasto Shipyards in the 2540s, making use of newly developed Sextanium alloys and improved stealth and holosystems, building upon the successes of the Existence War with the True Ones, new conquered territory, and new things traded from the Meschions and Herchiirions. The first of the Class was launched on March 2nd, 2555, 7 more soon following it, and production began at a rate of 3 per year, +1/-1 in number per 5 years or so, with the class not terribly liked, but very reliable and leaning more towards combat than exploration, comparable to as far back as the early fourth generation Sovereign-Class of the 2370s FAD, the Class finally going out of service in the late 28th Century.

Ed Note;
This is a ship from Docter Who. One of the Missing Adventures, sometimes the two (Star Trek and Docter Who) end up together in Post-TNG. At least Time Travel and Stupid Star Wars Turbolasers and Quasar Hatred Destructers are still out.