The other day something I spotted that puzzles me. We were looking at the Akira Class starship orthros and deck layouts. I noted this is a deck layout of the Akira-class sheet. The device looks to be part of the warp drive systems one on the port side and one on the starboard side. As it is in the pontoons of nacelle pylons port and starboard no where near the warp core. I noted that it was placed where it could assist the delivery of the plasma to the nacelles.

In a car a supercharger compresses fuel and air allowing for more horsepower, the simplistic explanation. I would assume that is the same as with the Akira class but what I am not getting isÖ why? It is not attached to the warp core but the EPS system feeding the warp nacelles.

I would assume that it is something that the Enterprise-Dís Chief Engineer La Forge had made a device that realigned the plasma in the EPS grid. I would assume that this is something in the same manner, nevertheless I do not know.

If it was integrated into Spacedock systems, what would it look like.

I would like to see what you guys think.