Klingon D-61 Gauging Pole Class Cruiser.bmp

D-61 Gauging Pole Class XII Battlecruiser

Construction Data:
Model Numbers- Type A
Date Entering Service- 2309
Number Constructed/Captured- 38
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points- 45
Damage Chart- C
Length- 320 m
Width- 163 m
Height- 80 m
Weight- 182,900 t
Cargo Units- 220 units
Cargo Capacity- 11,000 tons
Landing Capability- None
Equipment Data:
Control Computer Type- ZD-8
standard 6-person- 4
combat 18-person- 2
emergency 22-person- 4
cargo- 4
Other Data:
Crew- 427
Troops- 601
Passengers- 50
Shuttlecraft- 6
Engines and Power Data:
Total Power Units Available- 73
Movement Point Ratio- 5/1
Warp Engine Type- KWG-1
Number- 2
Power Units Available- 28
Stress Charts- I/M
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- Warp 6
Emergency Speed- Warp 8
Impulse Engine Type- KIF-1
Power Units Available- 17
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type- KD-12
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 1 f/p, 1 f/s
Firing Chart- H
Maximum Power- 9
Damage Modifiers-
+3 (1-3)
+2 (4-8)
+1 (9-10)
Beam Weapon Type- KD-8
Number- 4
Firing Arcs- 2 f/p, 2 f/s
Firing Chart- U
Maximum Power- 7
Damage Modifiers-
+3 (1-7)
+2 (8-15)
+1 (16-20)
Missile Weapon Type- KP-7
Number- 10
Firing Arcs- 2f, 2a
Firing Chart- W
Power to Arm- 2
Damage- 20
Shields Data:
Deflector Shield Type- KSP
Shield Point Ratio- 1/3
Maximum Shield Power- 15
Combat Efficiency-
D- 95.2
WDF- 93.0

Crew Breakdown

First Officer
Science Officer
16 Scientists
Head Surgeon
20 Surgeons
50 Nurses
Chief Engineer
60 Engineers
230 Technicians
2 Navigators
2 Helmsmen
Internal Security Officer
40 Internal Security Officers
120 Enlisted
Marine Commander
600 Troops

Deck Plans

Deck 1: Bridge
Deck 2: Officer's Quarters
Deck 3: Auxiliary Control, Briefing Room
Deck 4: Officer's Quarters
Deck 5: Transporter Rooms, Cargo Holds
Deck 6: Armory, Cargo Holds
Deck 7: Auxiliary Control, Cargo Holds
Deck 8: Sickbay, Eating Hall, Cargo Holds
Deck 9: Crew Quarters
Deck 10: Crew Quarters, Shuttlebay
Deck 11: Transporter Rooms, Hypothermia Capsules, Shuttle Storage
Deck 12: Transporter Rooms, Cargo Holds
Deck 13: Internal Security Stations, Food Storage
Deck 14: Main Engineering, Food Storage, Backup Fusion Reactors
Deck 15: Food Storage, Antimatter Pods
Deck 16: Food Storage
Deck 17: Passenger Quarters, Dignitary's Quarters
Deck 18: Engineering Supplies
Deck 19: Brigs
Deck 20: Laboratories

Standard Mission Duration: 10 Years
Extended Mission Duration: 30 years

The D-61 was designed to have a new heavy warship to help improve
the still reduced Imperial Navy when the Empire still hadn't
fully recovered from the Praxis incident of 2293.
The D-61 was underproduced for a Klingon ship, but it was
still produced in fairly good numbers, and performed nearly all
of their duties until the 2370s alone, easily handling duties
well and freeing up many other warships, even doubling occasionally
as an exploration vessel.
After the KDF-1 Vor'cha was launched, the D-61 was reduced to a minor
role, but remained in service until the Dominion Wars called for many
older Klingon vessels, including D-61 Battlecruisers to join fleets
to boost their offensive power by as much as possible, fighting well
and destroying many Jem'hadar fighters, the last cruisers were
either destroyed in the war, or damaged so badly that they had
to be scrapped.