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Thread: Jack Photon's 4.0th Fantaversary Revision

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    Jack Photon's 4.0th Fantaversary Revision

    Jnaury 1983, FASA released Star Trek: The Role Playing Game.

    In celebration of this Star Trek Anniversary last month I finished revising my website and with all new 40th Anniversary contents.

    Jack Photon's 4.0th Fantaversary Revision Star Trek RPG House Rules (for use with FASA) is based on various feedback and some missed goals. I spent a few months revising my previous 3rd Edition Framework rules (which are fully compatible with this new 4.0th revision and with standard 1st and 2nd edition). Download now, all for free.

    No rules have changed from 3rd to 4.0th, but some number ranges have seen tightening or loosening. Awards and Medals now has rank modifiers as Admirals and Warrant Officers should be more decorated than Ensigns or Petty Officers, for example.

    Added are some 60 pages of Stardate and other relevant magazine articles, added explanations, finalized Transporter and Tractor Beam Rules and so much more. The one thing not ready are the revised GM Screens, but they are essentially the same as previously released with new branding.

    Entirely new and maybe ready by the end of February is the first NPC Pack.
    Twenty, fully-rolled NPC's with extensive background notes to generate story ideas for your campaign.
    This one covers the Command Branch with a dash of Herbert.
    2 Admirals
    3 Commodores
    5 Captains
    3 Commanders
    2 Lt. Cmdrs
    4 Diplomats
    1 Intelligence Officer

    Each subsequent NPC Pack: Science, Medical & Engineering will have similar contents to above, but swapping out Diplomats for 4 Bureaucrats or 4 Legal or 4 Analysts and always 1 INT officer. Additionally, Sec/Services, Citizens and Adversaries Packs will have similar contents. I may create some additional Packs such as a Science Lab Team, Medical Ward/Trauma Team, Engineering Team, etc. These would all be lower rank crew, Lt's to Enlisted. The idea is to allow any GM to instantly populate the top crew positions of any ship of any size or complement and with local base commanders and ship crews the PCs may interact with.

    I'll also be releasing the first new, 'For use with' FASA Trek game modules in 30yrs. Those are for later in 2023.

    Thank you for your interest. Live long and Prosper.

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    Now, preview the files before downloading!

    All Jack Photon files are now mirrored at the Internet Archive under the user name "PhantForce"

    Flip each book page by page and download from there or from my site. The IA hosts Hi quality pdfs, but not the full resolution files at my site.

    All current and new releases will continue to post at and to the IA link above.

    Also available at PhantForce are 1st edtion AD&D books, compiled, alphabetized and refit for a new generation of gamers and old-timers returning.

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    Imminent release:
    S18, UFP Dossier Klingons comprises the SF INT Manual and Four Year War, minus all movie era references and imagery.

    S19, UFP Dossier, Romulans comprises the SF INT Manual and Romulan War, minus almost nothing.

    Sooner than later:
    S20, UFP Dossier, Orions, a simple re-pack of TOBoCK.

    Later than Sooner, but still soon enough:
    GM19, NPC Pack:Medics, 4-page spread for each of 5 Admins, 5 Drs, 5 Nurses, 5 Lab Techs with 5 blank sets for you to fill.

    End of Year goal:
    Book 4, Balance of Powers, reconciling 1st/2nd Ed Klingon character generation and equalizing Romulans and Orions into the mix, not forgetting Trader Captains.

    Book 5, Memory Bank Beta, The Adversarial version of "Book 3, Memory Bank Alpha"; the Milieus of societal background information that makes a character.

    Side Project: PhantForce
    Maybe by September the "Book of Finite Spells" will release, alphabetizing all 1stAD&D PH and UA spell lists with GA Spell Books and some Dragon misc. This is the third of the series of likely 10 or 12 books that recompiles all 1stEd AD&D into more logical tomes from the original books and articles scattered across 150 issues of Dragon magazine.

    Next up in that series are the "Manuals of Monstrous Attentions", alphabetizing MM1 + MM2 + FF, spritzed with DMG and some Dragon sauce. First is the Complete listing as one release. Second is a curated selection of "the better monsters". Third is the chaff so no one complains I dropped so-and-so.

    That is followed by the Extra-Planar Epistles, all Deities and extra-planar powers and creatures sorted into plane/alignment rather than mythos for easy finding. Good bad and indifferent volumes, including devils, demons, Modrons, Githyanki, ethereal, astral and all the other yappity-yaps. DDG, DMG, MoP, MM1, MM2, FF, Dragon. That's some spicy meatballs.

    Lastly, whatever's left of the DMs Guide + UA and Dragon errata with smatters of DSG, WSG, MoP and whatever other leftovers don't fit elsewhere. The DMG has been getting plugged into other books as I go, so is slowly being stripped away.

    I am committed to creating a new, 13x19 full-wrap cover painting styled in the tradition of the original AD&D books. Of the two complete so far, each was ~150 hours. On this third, the Book of Spells, I'm maybe half through and that is the major hold up at this point. The layout is done. I must scan and swap out the placeholder Greyhawk Adventures Spell books and decide to leave holes in the layout or plug them with all new art work. Otherwise, done.

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    Duh, I didn't update this thread.
    The three UFP Dossiers previously mentioned were done last week and are now hosted at the Internet Archive.

    At the moment I am proofing NPC Pack: Medics for final typos and last alterations. Should post in the next days.

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    Second NPC Pack release in the series

    GM19, NPC Pack: Medical Division
    Twenty Pre-Rolled NPC’s and five blanks to customize.
    Five Administrators / Five Doctors
    Five Nurses / Five Lab Techs

    Throw those cardboard NPCs away!
    Bring your games to life with living NPC’s; each with important notes such as ‘that time when’ to give
    you story hooks and leads to explore with your players in your campaign.

    Now at the Internet Archive for preview and download:

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    Did a couple hours talking FASA Trek and AD&D with youtubes' "The Dungeon Delver".

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    Book 4: Balance of Powers - Character Gen for Klingons, Roms, Orions, GOrn, Tholians, Skorr and Trader Captains.

    Book 5: Memory Bank Omega - The societal background data for Klingons, Roms, Gorn, Orions and the Triangle!

    These two books complete the Jack Photon FASA Rule's Revision.

    More content ever on the way!
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    Originally released a year ago; the Internet Archive titles remain the same, but the files are different.

    Supplement 11 Combat Grids
    - Added the 17" x 22" color Triangle map to this supplement.

    GM13 NPC Roster: NCOE
    - Errant typo in the form of a stray 'z' removed from p108, iirc.

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    Supplement 17, Expurgated Space Lanes, now available.

    Removed crap, basic reformatting job.

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    Book 6: Entrepreneurs & Prospectors
    The Intra-galactic economy of Thieves, Swindlers, Con-Men, Liars and Rogues.

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