Jnaury 1983, FASA released Star Trek: The Role Playing Game.

In celebration of this Star Trek Anniversary last month I finished revising my website and with all new 40th Anniversary contents.

Jack Photon's 4.0th Fantaversary Revision Star Trek RPG House Rules (for use with FASA) is based on various feedback and some missed goals. I spent a few months revising my previous 3rd Edition Framework rules (which are fully compatible with this new 4.0th revision and with standard 1st and 2nd edition). Download now, all for free.

No rules have changed from 3rd to 4.0th, but some number ranges have seen tightening or loosening. Awards and Medals now has rank modifiers as Admirals and Warrant Officers should be more decorated than Ensigns or Petty Officers, for example.

Added are some 60 pages of Stardate and other relevant magazine articles, added explanations, finalized Transporter and Tractor Beam Rules and so much more. The one thing not ready are the revised GM Screens, but they are essentially the same as previously released with new branding.

Entirely new and maybe ready by the end of February is the first NPC Pack.
Twenty, fully-rolled NPC's with extensive background notes to generate story ideas for your campaign.
This one covers the Command Branch with a dash of Herbert.
2 Admirals
3 Commodores
5 Captains
3 Commanders
2 Lt. Cmdrs
4 Diplomats
1 Intelligence Officer

Each subsequent NPC Pack: Science, Medical & Engineering will have similar contents to above, but swapping out Diplomats for 4 Bureaucrats or 4 Legal or 4 Analysts and always 1 INT officer. Additionally, Sec/Services, Citizens and Adversaries Packs will have similar contents. I may create some additional Packs such as a Science Lab Team, Medical Ward/Trauma Team, Engineering Team, etc. These would all be lower rank crew, Lt's to Enlisted. The idea is to allow any GM to instantly populate the top crew positions of any ship of any size or complement and with local base commanders and ship crews the PCs may interact with.

I'll also be releasing the first new, 'For use with' FASA Trek game modules in 30yrs. Those are for later in 2023.

Thank you for your interest. Live long and Prosper.