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    Character Profile: Felicia Anderson

    Fitness- 3
    Coordination- 2
    Intellect- 3
    Logic- +2
    Presence- 3
    Willpower- +2
    Psi- 1


    Administration (Starship Administration) 1 (2)
    Athletics (Running) 1 (2)
    Command (Instruction) 1 (3)
    Computer Operation 4
    Dodge 5
    Engineering Systems (2)
    Communications (3)
    Electronics (3)
    Fast Talk 2
    Federation Standard (4)
    tlhngan'hoL (2)
    Ferengi (1)
    Special Garment (Environmental Suit) 2 (3)
    Personal Combat
    Starfleet Martial Arts (2)
    Kung Fu (1)
    Karate (1)
    Hip-Hop-Kido (2)
    Personal Equipment 1
    Phaser (3)
    Tricorder (2)
    EM Field Equipment (2)
    Planetary Science (Astrometrics) 2 (3)
    Geology (4)
    Biology (4)
    Anthropology (2)
    Planetside Survival
    Arctic 2
    Shipboard Systems (Ops) 1 (2)
    Shipboard Technology
    Warp (4)
    Slipstream (3)
    Starship Tactical Systems (Tactics) 1 (2)
    Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft) 2 (3)
    World Knowledge
    Earth (2)
    Vulcan (1)
    Breen (1)
    Gorn (2)
    Ferengi (1)
    Klingon (2)
    Cygnus Alpha (1)
    Benzar (2)
    Bynaus (2)
    Risa (1)


    Bold (+1)
    Deep Awareness (+3)
    Strong Will (+2)
    Promotion (Lieutenant SG) (+3)
    Curious (+1)
    Impulsive (-1)
    Obligation (to shipmates) (-2)

    Courage- 4

    Renown- 38

    Aggression- 2
    Discipline- 11
    Initiative- 2
    Openness- 8
    Skill- 15

    Wound Levels- 3/3/3/3/3/3/0

    Felicia Anderson is a moderately pretty twentysomething with brown hair, often kept in streamy cascading patterns,
    she makes herself look braver and more confident than she really is.

    Felicia's Mother, Wilma, Brother, Oscar, and her two Poodles are her loved ones, and she often thinks of them,
    being very eager, although not agreeable or unaggravated about joining Starfleet's Ops/Tactical area to fight
    in any way, shape or form against the True Ones. She served her midshipmen and ENS/JG tours on two other ships,
    and moved to the USS Trylo in 2502, being very sociable with many of the upper/mid deck officers, and cautiously
    wanting to experience the Frontlines. She is barely knowledgable on the True Ones, and wants to be prepared for
    them, but can barely face reading the Enterprise's reports and Intel on them, much less face one and talk as if
    it was a normal business dealing.

    Ed Note-
    She is a red/gold shirt that fits the ideal LUG campaign of a bunch of low/mid level officers being on all sides of possibly overwhelming problems and having very much room to develop. She comes from the short story "Asylum of Oz", on Deviantart, and appears brilliant, but this is somewhat exaggarated due to A: the 25th/26th Century upbringing, and B: desperately trying to work her way out of a strange reality with careful precision.
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