FASA STCS Template

Ship Data
Construction Data:
Class- I
Model- Mk I
Date Entering Service- 3/1609.25 (September 25th, 2377)
Number Produced- 3,683
Superstructure- 8
Damage Chart- B
Dimensional Data:
Length- 9 meters
Width- 5 meters
Height- 3 meters
Weight- 1,820 mt
Atmospheric Entry/Landing- Yes
Control Computer Type- I-1
Stealth Device Type- None
Power to Activate- N/A
Cargo Data:
Cargo Capacity- 6 SCUs
Metric Tonnage- 300 mt
Transporter Data:
2-person- 1
Personnel Data:
Crew- 1-2
Passengers- 4
Engine Data:
Total Power- 24
Movement Point Ratio- 1/4
Warp Engine Type- FMWC-2
Number- 2
Power Provided- 6 ea
Stress Charts- B/C
Cruising Speed- Warp 4
Emergency Speed- Warp 6
Impulse Engine Type- FMID-1
Power Provided- 12
Weapons Data:
Beam Weapon Type- FH-7Q
Number- 4
Firing Arcs- 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 1 p/a, 1 s/a
Firing Chart- Q
Max Beam Power- 4
+2- (1-8)
+1- (9-14)
Heavy Weapon Type- FMP-2
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 2f
Firing Chart- D
Power to Arm- 1
Damage- 2
Defensive System Data:
Defense Shield Type- FSF
Shield Point Ratio- 1/2
Max Shield Power- 15
Ablative Armor- 24 per facing (torpedoes do double against it)
Balance Codes:
D- 122.9
WDF- 10.0

ICON Template

Class and Type: Jackrabbit-Class Shuttlepod
Commissioning Date: 2377
Hull Characteristics
Size: 1
Resistance: 2 (+40 Ablative Armor)
Structural Points: 25
Operations Characteristics
Crew/Passengers/Evac: 1-2/4/14 [2 Power/Round]
Computers: 1 [1 Power/Round]
Transporters: 1 Standard [1 Power/Round]
Tractor Beams: 1 fv [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
Engines and Power Data
Warp System: 3.0/4.0/6.0 (48 hours) [2/Warp Facter]
Impulse System: .7c/.9c [7/9 Power/Round]
Power: 115
Sensor Data
Long-Range Sensors: +2/9 ly [6 Power/Round]
Lateral Sensors: +2/1 ly [4 Power/Round]
Navigational Sensors: +2 [5 Power/Round]
Sensor Skill: 3
Weapons Characteristics
Type V Phaser
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All (720 degrees)
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 10
Power: [10]
Type II Micro-Torpedoes
Number: 40
Launchers: 2 fv
Spread: 4
Range: 1/500/1,000/5,000
Arc: Forward, but are self-guided
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 5
Power: [1]
Weapon Skill: 3
Defensive Characteristics
Type IIIq Deflector Shield
Protection: 38/50
Power: [38]

CODA Template

Production Data
Origin: United Federation of Planets
Class and Type: Jackrabbit-Class Shuttlepod
Year Launched: 2377
Hull Data
Structure: 10 (As well as +5 Ablative Armor)
Size/Decks: 2/1 decks
Length/Beam/Height: 9/5/3 meters
Complement: up to 6 people
Operational Data
Atmospheric Systems: Yes
Cargo: 4
Cloaking Device: None
Life Support System: Class 1R (BB)
Operations System: Class 3 (D)
Sensors: Class 1a (+1/AA)
Seperation System: No
Shuttlebay: Huh??????
Shuttlecraft: Is this a Trick Question/Demand/Soothing Whispery Instruction from Suggoth?
Tractor Beams: 1 fv
Transporters: 1 standard

Propulsion Data
Impulse System: FIG (.9c) (C)
Warp System: Class 2 (wf 2/3/6) (MCU) (C)

Tactical Data
Phaser Emitters: Micro (x4/B)
Penetration: 4/3/3/0/0
Photon Torpedoes: Micro (x2/B)
Penetration: 3/3/3/3/0
Deflector Shield: FSQ-2 (CC)
Protection/Threshold: 14/1

Miscellaneous Data
Maneuvering: -2C +4H +1T
Traits: Nimble, Prototype (Phaser, Engines)

The Jackrabbit-Class was a newer, not Type Numbered Shuttle sometimes used, not in any but an occasional CO's Preference, and is advanced and capable of fighting and transporting pretty well. It is built and replicated at 34 shipyards and some ships; and stations; Replicators.