The Colarian Race


By Meteo Methuselah Archon, AKA "Blue Black"

The Colarians are yet another race across ALL SCI-FI (Not just Star Trek!)
who are a "Near-Human" race, very similar, although different culturally.
For Biological RPG Data, just use Centauran Generation Data for them,
like them, they have normal human capabilities physically and mentally,
are less lucky, and have better Psionic Capabilities, and are somewhat
Canadian-like, zany, positive, with much prowess in comedic writing,
performing arts, and alcoholic brewing.
In Continuity, they encountered the Federation in around 2316,
and seeing their Utopianization and increased emphasis on exploration
and diplomacy, with much less militarianism, they were impressed and
joined the Federation as a member race in 2330.
They maintain a small independent national fleet, most of it being
Starfleet looking new ships and given/traded older Starfleet ships,
with a few new designs such like the Betamax-Class Destroyer.

Colarian Naming Pattern-

The Colarians have two names: a Chosen name and a Family name, both names
can be either the same or different colors, and their names are either
written with letters, or crayon-marker-ed in with appropriate colors,
Colarian names are rarely gender-specific, and normal colors are given
to the majority (95%) of the Colarian Race, the remaining (5%) are
of the Royal Bloodline, and are given names of precious metals.

Famous Colarians-

Red Green-
The most famous TV Star, who ran a semi-scripted handyman/physical comedy show
on Colaria/Canada jointly, being very popular and being known as groundbreaking
for both. His mother and father are Yellow Green, a passive, oddly sweetly sarcastic,
mellow observant short, stout woman, and Green Green, a Hellion with a daredevil
attitude, who remained an aggressive insane driver until his death at the age of
95, he had a Brother named Blue Green who was inept and slow-witted, who helped
Red on numerous projects, most notably restoring an old car, and Blue married
a young Librarian, Esther Marion Dortmund, and had a half-human, half colarian
son, Harold Green, a very unphysical, nerdy moralistic man with big teeth and
glasses who worked as usually unpaid technical editer of the Red Green Show,
and did a special with Red when he was 5 about setting up and using a new computer.

Gold Silver-
The Most famous Colarian Monarch, a King who ruled Colaria during it's major growth
of industry and technology in the 19th Century, who was the first to take reisdence
in the Palladium Palace in the Capital City of Colaria, Presidium Colaria.

Turquoise Beldarium-
The most famous Colarian Queen, from the 23rd Century, who reigned from 2243-2293,
being a tall, elegent slender silver/turquoise haired woman, who led her people
slowly but steadily out into the interstellar community.

Platinum Sapphire-
Colarian Queen of the 25th Century, who mostly just engages in ceremonial functions, often part of the Federation/Coalition's diplomatic ceremonies.

Blue Brown-
A notorious bootlegger who created shoddy imitations of popular products
and video productions (both 2d and 3d), his work led to the saying
"Accept no Imitations, especially the Blue kind".

Brown Grey-
A prominent Handball player, Gladiator and later Referee and Announcer
who eventually had a stadium and colliseum ship named after him.

Lavender Green-
No relation to Red, who is a conservationist who had written 43 books.

Orange Marigold-
Energetic Singer with short, spikey blonde hair who claims to be of
royal blood, although this is in doubt.

Colarian Home Planet-

World Log: Colaria
System Data:
System Name: Colusol
Number of Class M Worlds: 3
Planetary Data:
Position in System: VI
Number of Satellites: 3
Planetary Gravity: .8g
Planetary Size:
Diameter: 10,400 km
Equatorial Circumference: 32,000 km
Total Surface Area: 408,000,000 sq km
Percent Land Mass: 82%
Total Land Area: 334,560,000 sq km
Planetary Conditions
Length of Day: 23 hours
Atmospheric Density: Terrestrial
General Climate: Cool Temperate
Mineral Content
Normal Metals: 35%
Radioactive: 9%
Gemstones: 20%
Industrial Crystals: 21%
Special Minerals: 16%
Cultural Data:
Dominant Lifeform: Colarian
Technological/Sociopolitical Index: 999999/66
Planetary Trade Profile: BAEABBC/C (B)

System Profile

2 1 3 1 50 74 43