Ketegaurian Star League

STR- 45+3d10
END- 30+3d10
INT- 40+3d10
DEX- 55+3d10
CHR- 60+3d10
LUC- 1d100-15
PSI- 1d100-25

Full Maturation- 8 years
Middle Age- 65 years
Death by Aging- 130-140 years

Appearence- 1.9-3.1 meter tall Grey-Skinned humanoids with mild fur, elongated eyes set where the forehead is, goatlike cheeks and catlike jawbones and having around 2-12 children, with three-finger-one-thumb hands and may have had tails four million years ago.

History- In 2194, the Macromeros made contact with the Ketegaurians, captain Bergen making a very positive review about how friendly they were, and ten years later, the USS Antares and in 2217, the USS Newton both made some travel and trade treaties with them, and in 2267, they became a very friendly associate of the Federation, around two hundred thousand of the race joining Starfleet per century, and one, "Liwan", making his way to Full Admiral and overseeing Galactic Exploration and Diplomacy after serving on the Poole, Hudson, Pamela, Monitor, Inverness, and Rutherford. This Race is seen with the Admiral in Star Trek: The Tabukan Syndrome AKA Tests of Courage, by DC, taking Place in Spring, 2290.