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Thread: Jakc Photon's NPC Packs: Command Division

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    Jack Photon's NPC Packs! 20, 4-page NPCs

    My new line of NPC packs each feature 20 fully-realized pre-roll NPC's; all stats, history, biographies and 'public' service records.

    This first installment is Command Division featuring;
    2 Admirals
    3 Commodores
    5 Captains
    3 Commanders
    2 Lt Commanders
    4 Diplomats
    1 Intelligence agent
    5 blank sets for your pencil to fill

    Next up: Medical Pack> Facility Admins, Drs, LPNs, Lab Techs
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    This file is also now available for preview and download from the Internet Archive

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    Second NPC Pack release in the series

    GM19, NPC Pack: Medical Division
    Twenty Pre-Rolled NPC’s and five blanks to customize.
    Five Administrators / Five Doctors
    Five Nurses / Five Lab Techs

    Throw those cardboard NPCs away!
    Bring your games to life with living NPC’s; each with important notes such as ‘that time when’ to give
    you story hooks and leads to explore with your players in your campaign.

    Now at the Internet Archive for preview and download:

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    TWENTY MORE, Four-page complete dossiers on each NPC.
    Service notes, personal notes, dreams and goals, per-term lifepath events, medals, specific ST/SB Assignments, combat sheets, 'public' data file and genuinely much more including the character sheet itself.

    Step up your game with fully-realized NPCs.

    Now serving, GM21: NPC Pack: Security and Services
    Ten Security from Admiral to Lt.
    Ten Yeoman from Admiral to Yeoman, 3rd Class.
    Five Blanks to fill in your custom NPCs

    Next up: GM20: NPC Pack: Engineering/Comms
    Eight Engineers
    Seven Comm Officers
    Four JAG Officers
    1 Intelligence Agent

    Followed by GM 18: NPC Pack: Sciences
    Featuring 15 Scientists
    4 Analysts
    1 Intelligence Agent

    Subsequent NPC Packs include:
    Ensigns, Non-Comms, Citizens, Adversaries, Space Station/Starbases, Research Teams and plenty more.

    Newly announced: The NPC Compendium Series.
    Each Compendium features a 'crew' of NPCs, their antagonists, ships, inventories, past/future activities and goals along with their stratagems.

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