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Thread: FASA Adversaries Expanded! Book 4: Balance of Powers

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    FASA Adversaries Expanded! Book 4: Balance of Powers

    Character generation for eight societies with 25 career paths plus Branch/Division specialties. All in first edition style!

    NEW! Gorn Warriors, Citizens and Traders
    NEW! K'Zin Warriors, Citizens, Telepaths and Traders
    NEW! Skorr Citizens and Traders
    NEW! Tholian Class 1, Drone
    NEW! Klingon Warrior, Rating, Citizen and Trader
    NEW! Romulan Warrior, N.C.O, Citizen and Trader
    NEW! Orion Career Assignment paths!
    NEW! Expanded Trader species and revised background paths.
    NEW! Per-Term Lifepath tables, family heredity and Purple Heart!
    NEW! 10 or so specialty Skills
    NEW! INTellect/Skill rating limits

    Klingons are re-balanced amongst themselves.
    Romulans are delineated neatly.
    Orions are fine-tuned and cleaned up.
    Trader Captains stirs 1e/2e into a smoother blend.

    Gorn, K'Zin and Tholians are entirely new.
    Skorr are borrowed from Stardate and Jack Photon's "Book 3: Memory Bank Alpha".

    154 pages of pure, creative goodness!
    To savor that first-edition FASA flava, it's Jack Photon's 4.0th Fantaversary Revision.

    Now available at the Internet Archive for preview and download.

    For more:

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    And the companion piece, Memory Bank Omega, collecting all the societal data FASA published for GOrn, Orions, Romulans and Klingons.

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    Book 6: Entrepreneurs & Prospectors
    The Intra-Galactic Economy of Thieves, Swindlers, Con-men, Liars and Rogues
    Projected at 80 pages.

    I thought I could squeeze All of TCMP and SP into one release, but they must be two entities.

    Supplement 17: Space Lanes: A boiled-down reading of same, 56 pages.

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    Supplement 17, Expurgated Space Lanes, now available.

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    Now booking galactic passage at the Internet Archive,

    Book 6: Entrepreneurs & Prospectors
    The Intra-galactic economy of Thieves, Swindlers, Con-Men, Liars and Rogues.

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