Name: Kraath Sutai Drexa
DOB: 6-12-2243
Birthplace: et'Grakh, FonawI

STR- 67
END- 72
INT- 52
DEX- 57
CHR- 41
LUC- 35
PSI- 03

Combat Data:

Modern- 89
HTH- 72

Bare Hand Data: 1d10+10

AP: 09

Significant Skills

Administration- 48
Computer Operation- 57
Computer System Technology- 08
Environmental Suit Operation- 22
Gaming- 39
Instruction- 09
tlhngan hoL- 17
Klingonaase- 82
Leadership- 49
Marksmanship, Modern- 62
Personal Weapons, Archaic- 47
Personal Weapons Technology- 31
Security Procedures- 44
Starship Weaponry- 64
Zero-G Operation- 32
World Knowledge
Klinzhai- 08
Iosia- 32
Gnuu Re- 20
Taamaar- 24
FonawI- 89

Personality- Kraath is a blunt, pompous individual, who will make is clear quickly that he wants to further his line's cause, and the best the Empire deserves, although he doesn't know what that is.

History- Kraath is a hothead Human-Fusion, his hatred of the Imperial Race being obvious, and only somewhat understood/hidden/the tiniest bit intelligent by him, his cadet cruise aboard the D-4 Seuru'spU in 2254 went poorly, and when he served, en ensign aboard the D-8 Lestha in 2255-2256 resulted in a major catastrophe on Engineering, and when the ship was destroyed in a major battle between 3 D-8s, 3 D-16s, and the Carlin-Class USS Art Bell, Larson-Class USS Austerlitz, Burke-Class USS Higgins and USS Grouchy, and Saladin-Class USS Alaric, USS Ahriman and USS Rahman, he narrowly deflected blame from himself, and was transferred to Internal Security aboard the L-6 Lava Puker, continuing until transferred to the L-6 Sendrid a Commander in 2262, and then Promoted to captain of the D-7 Furious Ember in 2266, leading a squadron at Organia and Digifall in 2267 and 2268, and then transferred to command the IKS Constrictive, using his ship's Plasma Wepaon when it was converted to D-7R in 2275, and leading a political push, and sometimes blocking and discrediting various Reshtarcs, Pallaras and tasIghors, pushing for a major Civil War and overthrow of the Reshtarcs. He went down with his ship against the USS Alexandria soon after a failed battle with the Breen in August, 2284.