Data on Klingon-Lyran Fusions

Biological Data-

STR- 50+3d10
END- 55+3d10
INT- 40+3d10
DEX- 50+3d10
CHR- 30+3d10
LUC- 1d100-40
PSI- 1d100-50

Full Maturation- 11 years
Middle Age- 40 years
Death by Aging- 50-60 years

Slightly more whiskerlike mongolian hairspikes and beard, short, wild, scraggledy, often blonde, orange, bronze or brown hair, catlike eyes, and humanoid faces.

Black Turtleneck and Pants, with Black and Yellow striped Vest with Three fanglike diagonal red slashes on left shoulder, and rank pin discs on each shoulder, black and red boots.

When the Klingons and Lyrans were still feuding somewhat, and warring with the Kzinti, soon after the Klingon-Romulan Fusions were bred in the 2170s, it was decided to create this Fusion Race, to adapt to facing both the Kzinti and Lyrans, with the first batch of 5,000 being created in 2183. They have decent night vision and small, weak claws that are easily detached (do 1 point of damage each). In total, up to 300,000 were alive at the height of their existence in the 2190s-2200s, and twice that much were created total, but little data on them, and virtually no evidence of any still around is available in the 2260s, suggesting that they were extinct sometime before that time.