Name: Andre Robinson Hawkins Troi
DOB: 7-17-2476
Race: Human-Betazoid
Blood Type: O+
Father: Marcus Aurelius Troi
Mother: Selene Troi


STR- 49
END- 62
INT- 74
DEX- 55
CHR- 79
LUC- 35
PSI- 79

Combat Statistics

AP: 09

ToHit Numbers

Modern: 68
HTH: 39

Bare Hand Damage: 1d10+2

Significant Skills

Administration- 74
Computer Operation- 80
Computer System Technology- 32
Environmental Suit Operation- 52
Holodeck Operation Procedure- 51
Holodeck System Technology- 33
Instruction- 39
Leadership- 50
Medical Science
General Medicine, Human- 20
Psychology- 62
Modern- 39
Archaic- 45
Mechanical Engineering- 37
Shuttlecraft Pilot- 59
Starship Helm Operation- 39
Starship Weapon- 71
Transporter Operation- 43
Transporter System Technology- 20
Warp Drive Technology- 36
Zero-G Operation- 57

Andre Troi is the Great Grandson of William Riker and Deanna Troi, born on Sinox, Betazed, he was very happy and eager to run out, into the wild, learning and growing with great energy, and graduating Starfleet in the 90th Percentile, He graduated just in time for the Existence War with the True Ones, being posted to the USS Hawkins, a Lieutenant JG in Conn, sometimes taking over for Tactical, like when Douglas Spencer was killed in a battle with a Missile Cruiser in 2504, and promoted to Lieutenant SG, being very chatty and playing many games with the other Senior Officers in the Central Lounge, and more or less to just work whereever he is, in posting, rank and ship, as one of Starfleet, and go boldly, dreaming of running through forests, and finding buried treasures. His favourite Character is Jim Hawkins, from Treasure Island, and his favourite colour is Green.