Name: Andreas Arian Anderson
DOB: 6/15/2229
Race: Human
Blood Type: A-
Father: Thomas Theodore Anderson
Mother: Selina Valdrin Anderson


STR- 62
END- 65
INT- 52
DEX- 64
CHR- 68
LUC- 75
PSI- 45

Combat Statistics

AP: 10

ToHit Numbers-

Modern: 58
HTH: 56

Bare Hand Damage: 1d10+10

Significant Skills

Administration- 36
Carousing- 56
Computer Operation- 50
Computer System Technology- 36
Electronics Technology- 32
Environmental Suit Operations- 52
Gaming- 28
Impulse Engine Technology- 36
Instruction- 22
Leadership- 48
Life Sciences
Biology- 25
Personal Combat
Armed- 46
Unarmed- 72
Shuttlecraft Pilot- 42
Small Unit Tactics- 31
Space Sciences
Astrogation- 39
Astronautics- 65
Astrophysics- 52
Starship Helm/Navigation- 60
Starship Weapons Technology- 49
Hunting- 48
Sports- 31
Warp Engine Technology- 64
Zero-G Operation- 54

Andreas Anderson was born at Centennial City, Mars. Enjoying a wide variety of Planetary Environments and Adventuring. He joined Starfleet, graduated 69% 2245-2248, and was assigned to the USS Verthandi as Navigator, 2248-2252, almost ways goingon landing party missions. Then he was transferred to the USS Tripoli and served in the Four Years War in 2252-2256 as a LT SG, and was promoted to LCDR and transferred to the USS Haldane as Helmsman and XO from 2257-2260, transferring to the USS Alexander from 2261-2283, making his way from Science officer and XO to Captain, commanding it until it was returned to San Francisco to be Scrapped in 2283, Commanding the USS Torgau and using it to counter and eliminate a Klingon D-32C running an illegal smuggling operation, and transferring to command the USS Galacta in 2288, commanding it and being promoted to Commodore in 2296, and then retired a Rear Admiral when the ship was decommissioned in 2331.