Name: Bondon
DOB: 1-23-2477
Rank: Lieutenant SG
Race: Mordanian
Father: Stoille
Mother: Ronda
Blood Type: B-
Height: 6"2
Weight: 208 lbs.


STR- 69
END- 76
INT- 34
DEX- 52
CHR- 33
LUC- 35
PSI- 05

Combat Data

AP: 10

ToHit Numbers-

Modern: 55
HTH: 39

Bare Hand Damage: 1d10+8

Significant Skills

Carousing- 47
Computer Operation- 63
Computer Systems Technology- 44
Gaming- 31
General Medicine, Mordanian- 14
Mechanical Engineering- 39
Personal Combat
Armed- 30
Unarmed- 56
Security Procedures- 66
Shuttlecraft Pilot- 28
Slipstream Technology- 31
Space Sciences
Astronautics- 30
Astrophysics- 13
Starship Weaponry Operation- 40
Trivia, Mordanian Gladiatorial Combat- 28
World Knowledge, Mordan IV- 33
Zero-G Operation- 49

Bondan is a tall Mordanian, stockily build, with a small line of light brown hair and bulky arms with hairy armpits. He has three nasty, disfigured scars on his right hand, one from a battle with a True Ones Strike Cruiser where he nearly died, and twice from accidents while working in Engineering.

Bondan is confident, boisterous, and eager to cause a fight. His trying to escalate a fight and loud, combat-heavy attitude has kept him from being promoted, and made his superiors pretty worried and nervous. He entered the Academy, determined to make his Father, a Blue-Collar Worker named Stoille, paroud of him, and graduated at 9th percentile in 2489, being immediately assigned to the Intersecter-Class USS Anarharth, working there until finally being promoted to Lieutenant JG. The USS Anarharth was constantly on recon and light skirmish missions against the True Ones, and he did well in five battles, although his attitudes prevented him from getting anything more than commendations and two battle medals. He transferred to the USS Star Empire in 2501, and was promoted to Lieutenant SG in 2502, transferring from lower decks to Tactical, and rescuing Captain Merriweather after a fatal Bridge Hit. He transferred to the USS Shadowchaser for the rest of the war, being very close and loyal to the senior officers, and nineteen of the Secutiry Staff. He continues on the Shadowchaser, at close work and play with the Centaurans, Saurians, Bolians and Xelations that make up the Security and Marine Contingents.