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Thread: Various Obscure Planets in Star Trek/Star Fleet Writings

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    Various Obscure Planets in Star Trek/Star Fleet Writings

    World Log: Toria VII
    System Data:
    System Name: Toria
    Number of Class M Worlds: 3
    Planetary Data:
    Position in System: VII
    Number of Satellites: 1
    Planetary Gravity: 1g
    Planetary Size:
    Diameter: 13,000 km
    Equatorial Circumference: 40,000 km
    Total Surface Area: 510,000,000 sq km
    Percent Land Mass: 62%
    Total Land Area: 316,200,000 sq km
    Planetary Conditions
    Length of Day: 30 hours
    Atmospheric Density: Thin
    General Climate: Warm Terrestrial
    Mineral Content
    Normal Metals: 3%
    Radioactive: 19%
    Gemstones: 30%
    Industrial Crystals: 11%
    Special Minerals: 3%
    Cultural Data:
    Dominant Lifeform: Human
    Technological/Sociopolitical Index: Federation Standard
    Planetary Trade Profile: CDFBCCD/B (C)

    System View-

    4 3 0 2 0 1 39 15 29

    Toria VII is a fairly decent Administrative/Farming Colony that is one of the 500 or so Colony Systems in Federation Space. It was the site of two major Diplomatic Events/Ceremonies in the 2270s, guarded over by two Enterprise-Class Heavy Cruisers and a Squadron of 3 Baker-Class Destroyers.

    This is referred to in Captain's Log #10, ADB.
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