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Thread: Toliman Class Large Hybrid (Tri@System)

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    Toliman Class Large Hybrid (Tri@System)

    Toliman Class LIII Large Hybrid

    FASA STCS Template

    Ship Data
    Construction Data:
    Class- LIII
    Model- Mk I
    Date Entering Service- 13/0608.12 (August 12th, 3467)
    Number Produced- 100
    Superstructure- 20,773
    Damage Chart- B
    Dimensional Data:
    Length- 2,800 meters
    Width- 2,043.7 meters
    Height- 305.5 meters
    Weight- 31,954,200 mt
    Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
    Control Computer Type- XQ-18
    Stealth Device Type- UFGCJ
    Power to Activate- 14
    Cargo Data:
    Cargo Capacity- 124730 SCUs
    Metric Tonnage- 6,236,500 mt
    Transporter Data:
    14-person- 28
    25-person Combat- 16
    50-person Emergency- 16
    Cargo, Large- 23
    Cargo, Small- 15
    Personnel Data:
    Crew- 60,291
    Passengers- 6,100
    Troops- 2,400 (Timefleet)
    Shuttlecraft- 28
    Shuttleprobes- 24
    Timeships- 24
    Engine Data:
    Total Power- 60,000
    Movement Point Ratio- 7/1
    Realitywarp Engine Type- FREWG-1
    Number- 2
    Power Provided- 30,000 ea
    Stress Charts- D/F
    Cruising Speed- Realitywarp 22
    Emergency Speed- Realitywarp 24.5
    Weapons Data:
    Beam Weapon Type- UFGCC-18
    Number- 8 in 4 arrays
    Firing Arcs- f/p/s
    Firing Chart- X
    Max Beam Power- 1,300
    +40- 1-5
    +30- 6-10
    +20- 11-15
    +10- 16-22
    Beam Weapon Type- UFGCC-18a
    Number- 16 in 8 arrays
    Firing Arcs- 4f, 2 f/p, 2 f/s, 2 a/p, 2 a/s
    Firing Chart- S
    Max Beam Power- 1,150
    +34- 1-8
    +22- 9-12
    +10- 13-16
    Heavy Weapon Type- FS-6
    Number- 28
    Firing Arcs- 7 f/p, 7 f/s, 7 a/p, 7 a/s
    Firing Chart- Z
    Power to Arm- 4/6
    Damage- 4,036 (436; - pierces all defenses)
    Defensive System Data:
    Defense Shield Type- UFGSU
    Shield Point Ratio- 1/136
    Max Shield Power- 3,500,000
    Balance Codes:
    D- 2,628,664.7
    WDF- 244,276.0

    ICON Template

    Class and Type: Toliman-Class Large Hybrid
    Commissioning Date: 3467
    Hull Characteristics
    Size: 1630
    Resistance: 30
    Structural Points: 32600
    Operations Characteristics
    Crew/Passengers/Troops/Evac: 60291/6100/2400/3470000 [12 Power/Round]
    Computers: 36 [18 Power/Round]
    Transporters: 28 Personnel, 16 Combat, 16 Emergency, 28 Cargo [44 Power/Round]
    Tractor Beams: 2 per slight facing change, 24 total [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
    Engines and Power Data
    Realitywarp System: 15.75/22.5/24 (8 days) [4/Realitywarp Facter]
    Power: 16850
    Sensor Data
    Long-Range Sensors: +8/460 ly [6 Power/Round]
    Lateral Sensors: +9/12 ly [4 Power/Round]
    Navigational Sensors: +8 [5 Power/Round]
    Chronal Sensors: +10 [10 Power/Round]
    Dimensional Sensors: +12 [20 Power/Round]
    Sensor Skill: 7
    Weapons Characteristics
    Type XVIII Customizer
    Range: 30/800,000/2,000,000/8,000,000
    Arc: All (720 degrees)
    Accuracy: 2/3/5/8
    Damage: 680
    Power: [680]
    Type VI Snark Torpedoes
    Number: 2800
    Launchers: 1 ad, 1 fv
    Spread: 14
    Range: 35/8,000,000/50,000,000/100,000,000
    Arc: Forward and Aft, but are self-guided
    Accuracy: 3/3/5/8
    Damage: 4036
    Power: [8]
    Weapon Skill: 5
    Defensive Characteristics
    Type LXXIV Deflector Shield
    Protection: 8000/12000
    Power: [8000]

    CODA Template

    Production Data
    Origin: United Federation of Galaxies
    Class and Type: Toliman-Class Large Hybrid
    Year Launched: 3467
    Hull Data
    Structure: 200
    Size/Decks: 15/88 decks
    Length/Beam/Height: 2800/2043.7/305.5meters
    Complement: 60,091 + 6,100 Passengers + 2,800 Troops
    Operational Data
    Atmospheric Systems: None
    Cargo: 625
    Cloaking Device: Class 14 (Rating 40)
    Life Support System: Class 10 (K)
    Operations System: Class 10 (K)
    Sensors: Class 25 (+25/G)
    Seperation System: None
    Shuttlebay: Six
    Shuttlecraft: 90 size worth
    Tractor Beams: 24 across the hull, Einstein
    Transporters: 18 standard, 16 combat, 38 cargo, 16 emergency

    Propulsion Data
    Realitywarp System: LRW-75 (rwf 15.75/22.5/24) (RCU) (H)

    Tactical Data
    Customizer Arrays: Type XVIII (x8/H)
    Penetration: 19/19/18/0/0
    Snark Torpedoes: Mk 650 DF (x4/H)
    Penetration: 36/36/36/36/36
    Deflector Shield: FSU-16 (M)
    Protection/Threshold: 40/13
    Nontanium Armor: Type Phased
    Protection/Threshold: 18/8

    Miscellaneous Data
    Maneuvering: +8C -2H +10T
    Traits: Sentient Computer, Silent Service, Multidimensional, ACB Jacketing, Enhanced System (Realitywarp), Hardened System (Realitywarp)

    The Toliman-Class is an Insane giant starship; - everything about it is just barely understood by 24th Century Federation Scientists; - and could shock, paralyze, traumatize, or enrage many others even one level less advanced, but it is somewhat like the largest Politically Correct Heavy Explorers of Communist Perfection.
    Two of these have been observed, once by the USS Titan in 2381, the other by the USS Legend in 2529, and both are mostly accurate, although they could just as easily hide, go to some other time or barely conceivable dimension-thingie, or just bring about euphoria, fear or rage or some long, rational speech, kind of like some of the better episode, back when the TOS Cast were alive (1991), they almost never work with other ships; - there is no need, and you can figure out the rest even like a drunken warthog singing 60s' musicals.
    It was produced at a rate of 6 per year at San Francisco Fleet Yards, Chiokis Construction Corps, Salazaar Fleet Yards, Volherchiir Shipyards, Chaldepica Shipyards, the last two in those galaxies near Andromeda, and it is named for a real life star hundreds of light-years away from the 20 core worlds.
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