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Thread: Troop Class Accomodations

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    Post Troop Class Accomodations


    I know you haven't gotten to TOS/Movie or alien components- but would it be logical to assume there is a "Troop" or "Crew" class accomodation at the rate of 30 per SU?

    This would be like the bunking we saw in ST:VI on the Excelsior, twenty crew to a compartment and no private facilities. It would also apply to troop transports.

    I'm working on just such a transport, and wanted to know if this was reasonable.

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    I'd have to go back and review the scenes in ST VI before I could comment in an informed manner. But what you suggest sounds reasonable.

    Steve Long

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    This is something I would be interested in as well. We have some Rapid Response Team people on our ship and they (the NPC's that is) decided that to preserve the esprit de corps they gained during the war, they would set up a couple of 'barracks' dorms in the cargo holds adjacent to the flight deck. Our RRTs supplement the regular Security contingent and work out a lot in one of the holodecks.

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