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Thread: Famous/Infamous player quotes

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    I have been once the narrator to a Group on a Miranda class starship!

    First I will begin with the crew

    Mongolian Chief of Security
    A Captain from Turkey
    A Scotty like Chief Engineer

    As the first adventure begans:

    Com Off: Captain please come to brigde Adm ........ is hailing
    but what is the captain doing?
    Puts on his Boxer short with Starfleet emblem and his Shirt with the turkey flag on it

    But this was not the end
    At the end of debriefing the captain starts selling Starfleet Boxer-shorts to the Admiral!

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    This wasn't really so much of a quote as it was a funny occurence in the Starship Combat Simulator from FASA.

    My friend, Rob, and I were playing a game of Klingon vs. Romulan. We had a third person (Rodney) to serve as Gamemaster. The battle had went on for like an hour and a half...and a good deal of that time was spent in cloak. Rodney kept track of our movements as we presented our plots. We could see a look of intrigue on Rodney's face as we presented our next course plots.

    A few moments later, when we presented the next course plot, he was rolling around laughing on the floor. When we asked him what was so funny, he said he would not tell us until the game had reached its conclusion.

    True to form, he waited until the battle was over. I actually lost this one.....darnit. Then, we asked him what was so funny. He pointed to a location on the map, where we actually had a planet counter placed. He then made a motion with his hands, as if two starships had passed right by each other, not even realizing the other was there.

    We imagined what it might have been like for the crews of our ships. Somehow, there would be a flaw in both of our cloaks on the opposing port/starboard sides of the ships, each revealing a window. And in those windows, a crewman could see the enemy trooper in the other ship...and would either wave...or ran frantically to his captain shouting: "THEY'RE OVER THERE!"

    General Chang
    "So the Enterprise is on her maiden voyage, eh? Now that is one well endowed lady. Ah'd like to get mah hands on her ample nacelles, if ye'll pardon the bit o' engineerin' parlance." -Scotty, STAR TREK, 2009

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    They almost trashed the adventure

    A few episodes ago I confronted my crew with a semi-typical "Lava creature", which was actually a walking history bank on the lost civilization of the planet. Well, maybe I've run too many horror games, but here's how the scene played out. (Remember, Starfleet protocol is not to fire first.

    Me: *describes Lava creature*

    Captain: "Gah phasers on 12! Fire!"

    *crew responds and fires, some set their phasers to 13 "just to me sure.*

    Me: 0_0

    Captain: "Did we hit it?"

    I think explaining to them they they brought half the cave they were in down upon them got the message across not to hack their way through problems in the furute.

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    Okay, so every ship has a Cheif Engineer right? So way back in one of the first FASA games I ran I had the PCs as the senior staff of a small Ranger class Scout. The guy playing the CE was named Rundshundt and during one session he stated that he had started drinking pretty heavily. Thing is, that he started drinking cause he sucked at his job. Any rol was about a 20%chance of success despite having a pretty good skill level in many things engineering. Suddenly, every time he stated his character was taking a drink he made a critical success. That character spent the entire campaign drunk.

    Ever since that time my CE has been a bit odd. In TNG it was a player who was an El-Aurian that used to be a weapons dealer and was paranoid. Then it was a NPC based on Robert Shaw and was constantly cutting loose with bawdy lymrics. Now it is a CE NPC who talks to the engines and any system that she has to work on. I don't mean she curses them when they don't work; "Well good morning reactor. And how are we today? I see your mixture is running a bit hot, <tch, tch, tch>You know how that throws you of balance."
    Like anyone is actually reading this.

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