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Thread: Don's Coda Form/Sheet v3.2a

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Mappin View Post
    Updated first post to include Patrick's link. (Hope that's okay, Patrick.)
    It's more than okay, but when I did my support site reorganization, I broke that link. I've updated it in my post but if you get the chance, you might tweak the link in the first post again.
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    First of all....this is an awesome character sheet. I love it and I thank Don immensely for his work on it. I have so little knowledge about Acrobat, but I do know that this took a lot of valuable time to create.

    I am having a little difficulty, but I am sure that it is due to my non-acrobat savvy self.

    I have full version of CS3 Acrobat and I find that when I type in the editable text (character name, profession, etc) the type is so small that it is hard to read, even when written in all caps. Is that just a characteristic of the form? Is there a way to adjust the font size for the editable form entries?

    I found the Swiss911 ttf that I need and installed it to my windows fonts folder, that was mentioned in an earlier post. But all font features are greyed out due to permissions.

    Anyway, I would love some suggestions. I love this sheet and all of Don's other works, so I do not want to alter it at all, except for the font size for the top portion. Oh, and I did "rtfm" if anyone gets the urge to say that. =) hehe.

    Thanks again!

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    Exclamation Suggestion

    Hi, I don't know if your still watching this thread or not, but I just want to say that I love you character sheet, however I do have a question.

    Is it possible to update your PDF so that you will be able to save the PDF with the data you entered?

    That way I can get rid of all of my sheets and just have the players use computers with thier character sheets on them.
    They can then just level up thier character right from the computer.
    Any ways if you can do that, it would make the sheet the best there is.

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    I am not sure if this is of interest or not, but on my Character Profiler I designed the CODA Star Trek sheet and it allows players and GM's constant access to PC's. The sheet is editable, printable, and, I think, really useful. There is also a Starship sheet as well.

    Players will need to sign up and login to generate PC sheets. They can also give rights to you as GM so that you may edit the sheets. There is also a campaign manager.

    Here is a link to a public character and starship:



    And here is the link to the site:

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    Lightbulb Character Sheet program

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
    I was trying to make a character creater program for windows with all of the data from the books programmed in, but the programming needed was more than I had time for.
    I'm going to try instead to make a program that's much like Don's PDF file, with the ability to save, load and edit individual character sheets, all that the players have to do is download the program to thier computer.
    It's still going to be a lot of programming, but at least its about 3/4 less then what I would have to do with the original program I was going to do.
    Regretfully though it means that still have to pour through the books, but at least I won't have to worry about pencils, erasers and papers!

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    I am sooo loving this character sheet. I can't wait to introduce this to my players.


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