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Thread: How much money does a Starship Officer make?

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    Originally posted by Anomaly
    I'll give everyone 1000 credits not to fight over this.
    Fork it over, buddy!
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    The question is what do you money for, if you can replicate anything you need.
    What happens when you need to call the replicator repair guy?

    Plus some planets might not allow replicators for any number of reasons.

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    I've always thought that Starfleet Officers don't get "paid" per se. I remember that in First Contact, Picard and Lily had a dialogue about that. She said something like you don't get paid and he said that economic of the future work a bit differently. I'd figure that all Starfleet personnel have their expenses paid for.

    As for luxury goods, stuff which can't be replicated or is of higher quality when hand-made then maybe officers get a monthly allowance of sorts. Whatever they use is used, and whatever is left over is not brought over for the next month. NCO don't get an allowance.

    Just my 0.02 credits
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    Not to be all cynical and crap...

    I'm thinking of a campaign where the Federation is a 20th century mindset "socialist utopia". The image of starfleet on the series is just propaganda, Federation citizens are living in conditions akin to the former Soviet Union with Starfleet the "sword and shield of the party". The "member worlds", while theoretically equals in the Federation Council, are all just pawns of Earth (explaining why most of the series only shows humans). Starfleet NCO's are all conscripted at adulthood for 2 - 3 years (explaining why certain tasks best suited for NCO's are relegated to lower ranking commissioned officers). Replicators, the magnificent technology that eliminates poverty, is only available to the military (starfleet...) and the privilaged few.

    The players would be rogues/renegades that deal with the black market and other types of smuggling (the ketracel white drug trade... breaking the Romulan ale embargo... getting federation citizens out of the federation)

    I think it would be pretty damn interesting to play out/narrate.
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    Marty, that is a very interesting series. Of course, when you deviate that much from the traditional Star Trek universe you will have to make quite a bit up on your own. But that is a good thing. Playing non-traditional Star Trek series are just as valid and fun as playing the traditional TNG-like series. And if I am not mistaken, running these non-traditional series' is one of the main things the game designers had in mind.

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    Alright Lancer, based off some old FASA materal

    These are in addition to free room and board. Pay per month.
    Recruit: 400 Cr
    Crewman 2nd Class: 400 Cr
    Crewman 1st Class: 500 Cr
    Petty Officer 2nd Class: 600 Cr
    Petty Officer 1st Class: 700 Cr
    Chief Petty Officer: 900 Cr
    Senior Chief Petty Officer: 1,000 Cr
    Master Chief Petty Officer: 1,400 Cr
    Warrant Officer: 1,300 Cr
    Chief Warrant Officer: 1,400 Cr
    Cadet: 400 Cr
    Ensign: 1,600 Cr
    Lieutenant JG: 1,800 Cr
    Lieutenant: 2,000 Cr
    Lieutenant Commander: 2,400 Cr
    Commander: 2,800 Cr
    Captain: 3,400 Cr
    Commodore: 4,000 Cr
    Admiral: 4,800 Cr

    These are modified by the following:
    Bridge Crew: +300 Cr
    Department Head: +400 Cr
    Chief Medical Officer: +500 Cr
    First Officer: +550 Cr
    Captain: +600 Cr
    Fleet Captain (in charge of several vessels): +1,000 Cr
    Captain's Purchasing Bonus (Used to buy extra cargo): +200 Cr
    Hazardous Duty Pay: +20%
    Retirement Pay (after 15+ years service): 25% of above
    Portside Pay (Planetary or station): 50% biweekly

    Copyright 1987 FASA Corperation, under licence from Paramount Pictures Corperation

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    Keep in mind this was before the invention of the Replicator.


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    Re: Re: How much money does a Starship Officer make?

    Originally posted by Evan van Eyk
    The question is what do you money for, if you can replicate anything you need. There is no sense in paying anything which you can get with the computer's help - even coins or any other form of currency. The only need for it would be to pay power usage, however concerning the advanced technology power generators are highly effective and thus energy is not that valuable. There are power sources which enable a small shuttlecraft of few meters size, to reach almost lightspeed, have shields and life support, etc.
    You need industrial replicators - here you are, anything else?
    Well there is also intellectual property and the service sector. We see people working at low tech jobs like the waiters at Papa Sisco's, there is a gardner (and possibly counselor) at the academy. All things that if replicators and holograms are available should be able to be done by them.

    There is also no real way for the XX Billion people who live on Earth to all have the same living arrangements - somebody gets to live in Hawaii and somebody is stuck living in Kansas (I've lived, happily, in both places so I'm not picking).

    In part I'm agreeing with you - there seems to be no "need" for money as you can get everything you need for "free". What I'm suggesting - and what I use in my game- is that quite a few "wants" are not free and one has to put in some work to get them. Basically like today that is in the form of either a service economy job where you trade time and effort for "credit" or by exchanging goods or intellectual property with someone. I picture it much more like a "time bank". I give you the hand crafted widget I made, you teach my the Xinthian flute. There is a notional "credit" out there that we can use as a medium for this bartering.

    I mean Picard's brother isn't going to just hand you a bottle of his prized vintage just 'cause you want it, you'll have to give him something (that he wants) in return. What if you don't have anything that he wants? Then give him some of your "credits" you've earned and he trades them with someone who does have whatever he's looking for.

    Just all IMHO of course.

    Also someone was asking for a modern military pay chart.

    Try there is a link to a .pdf there. It is all public domain stuff.

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    Thanks for the link TK.
    That should help me a lot in establishing how much of the pay in my game will come from rank alone and how much from time in service.

    And when we talk about housing in a "replicator economy", how do you handle land ownership without money? Unless a government dispossesses land owners when establishing a money-less economy people may still own large properties. So what if the government needs some of that land to build housing units for its' citizens? Do they compensate the land owner in some way, or do they just dispossess him?

    And all those socio-economic theories aside, I still think the topic of payment for Starship Officers could be usefull for people running games in the TOS or Enterprise eras.
    trek is more than just the 24th century, you know.

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    I think it is simpler to use this as a frame of referance

    While the Federation does not use Money per se (IE the Ferengi) They do have a monetary system with a base unit called the "Credit".

    While it is true they don't use money there will still be a system for barter and trade.

    I also think I read somewhere that every "BASIC" need of a Federation Citizen is met (Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical Attention, Schooling). If a person whants something else or a better quality of these items, he goes to work.

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    There is also no real way for the XX Billion people who live on Earth to all have the same living arrangements
    Has it been mentioned how many people are on Terra in the 23-24th centuries?

    The various wars took down the population, we know people fled the planet(presumable Khan wasn't the only one since Terra would have been a bad place to live), you have the solar and extra-solar colonies, etc.

    Terra's population might be in the millions or low billions.

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    22 million died during the Breen attack alone ...
    You do the math
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    Starfleet officers don't get paid because the federation only uses money for trade with governments that do use money. You go out and eat for free to Sisko's restaurant or where ever. People do what they do because the LIKE it. "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives."

    People aren't stuck in kansas...they live there if they want to..if they don't they move.

    And EARTH is populated by billions of people. It's not millions...that's just ridiculous...there wasn't that much of a mass exodus of the planet! It's described as a paradise. So from now till 2379 the current trek year...600 million people die in WWIII and 22 million people die in the breen assault on Earth (though i dispute that number because i don't recall hearing that ever being said [though i may have missed it]) Add in a few more million deaths from something or other and you still don't even have a billion people...

    Despite the fact that it's called the terran system no one ever calls EARTH, Terra in star trek.

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    No Humans call it Earth, everyone else calls it Terra. And some individuals who were born there and aren't human call it Earth. It's a cultural thing. I mean . . . do I call Japan Nippon? No. I call it Japan. But Japanese call it Nippon. It's that simple.

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    when referring to earth 99% of non humans call it Earth.....

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