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Thread: "Starships" Questions

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    Say, Don, if you happen to read this...did you ever get something resembling an errata for Starships put together?
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    From reading through the Starships book I spotted something that seems odd. The Species 8472 Bioship's only weapon is an energy drain. So it has no means to actually destroy a ship? Am I missing something?


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    By the text, yes it doesn't explain it all that well. However, a ship hit by the bioship will have all it's energy drained... aka - A Starship in almost all cases contains vast quantities of energy potential which has to be carefully contained. In the case of Federation Starships, it's the warp core and antimatter containment pods. In the case of Romulan ships, they have a quantum singularity (micro black hole). If the systems which keep those contained loose power... BOOM.. no more ship. Period! It's why the Breen were so devastatingly effective at destroying ships when they also had the same weapon.

    That said it also specifically says in the splat text that.. if it hits.. it destroys a ship.. period, and if 8 of them form a ring, they can destroy a planet. For the purposes of rules, though, as a 'energy drain' weapon, you get a +5 to your TN to be hit with it.. if you do... Roll up some new PC's

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    Thank you. They could have done with explaining that a bit better.

    it isn't something I plan on introducing but it stood out as an anomoly in the ship design that didn't make much sense.

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