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Thread: Gleamstar Class Light Explorer (CODA)

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    Gleamstar Class Light Explorer (CODA)

    Production Data
    Origin: United Federation of Planets
    Class and Type: Gleamstar-class Light Explorer
    Commissioned: 2406

    Hull Data
    Structure: 35 (5 Ablative Armor)
    Size/Decks: 7/23
    Length/Beam/Height: 450/220/97
    Complement: 450

    Operational Data
    Atmosphere Capable: No
    Cargo Units: 70
    Life Support: Class 4R (EE)
    Operation System: Class 5 (F)
    Sensor System: Class 5R (+5/+4/+3/+2/+1) (EE)
    Separation System: No
    Shuttle Bay: 2 ad
    Shuttlecraft: 14 Size worth
    Tractor Beams: 2 fv, 2 av
    Transporters: 4 Standard, 4 Emergency, 6 Cargo

    Propulsion Data
    Impulse System: FIG-7 (.95) (D)
    Quantum Slipstream Drive: Class III (Slip 1.2/1.5/2.0/C)

    Tactical Data
    Phasers: Type XII (x1 fd, x1 fv/E), Type X (x1v, x2 ad/E)
    Penetration: 6/6/6/0/0
    Torpedo Launchers: Mk105 DF (x2/C)
    Penetration: 7/7/7/7/7 quantum
    Deflector Shield: FSS-3 Regenerative (F)
    Protection/Threshold: 18/6

    Miscellaneous Data
    Maneuver Modifiers: +2C, +0H, +3T
    Traits: Ablative Armor, ACB Jacketing, Bio-Neural Computer

    History: One of the earlier Slip Drive vessels, the Gleamstar Class is equipped with a number of highly advanced systems, and is one of the first vessels to explore the edges of the Delta Quadrant.
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