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Thread: Adventure & Character Springboard: Star Trek Science Logs

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    Adventure & Character Springboard: Star Trek Science Logs

    Yesterday, I picked up a copy of "Star Trek Science Logs" by ST science advisor Andre Bormanis off a clearance table at the local Barnes & Noble. I hadn't planned on buying it, but, after thumbing through it, I found that it might be a good idea resource for Narrators and a very good background resource for player character Science and Medical Officers.

    The book is written for non-science-minded individuals; so if you're a student of astrophysics, this stuff will be a little parochial. Still, the book addresses the scientific possiblities (and impossibilities) of specific instances in Star Trek episodes (Dyson Sphere, Space Elevator, Xenobiology, etc.) In addition, the book includes a basic science primer, a glossary of scientific terms, and a decent index.

    So, if you can find it in a clearance dump-bin, it might be worth your while to pick up.
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