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Thread: Prime Directive: what do you use with it?

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    Prime Directive: what do you use with it?


    GURPS Traveller/Transhuman Space
    Blue Planet
    Star Ace
    Decipher Star Trek

    thx for reading


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    When I ran GPD, I used classic Prime Directive supplements for setting and adventure material. I supplemented the rules information with the UltraTech books and used the full psionics of GURPS Psionics. Compendium I helped me with some interesting character details. I relied on previously published Prime Directive adventures, so other setting books really didn't figure into it. Now that I've broken free from reliance on previously published adventures, that may change.

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    When I ran Prime Directive (the first edition not GPD) I used the Star Trek Encylopedia and tons of FASA material

    If I were to do it now, I would not use PD at all but Decipher instead and just steal the Prime Team idea (which I always loved)

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    GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars meshes nicely with GURPS Prime Directive - both are GURPS 4e games.

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    I use GURPS PD as a sort of Mirror-Universe sourcebook with my LUG ICON campaign.

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    I use all other Trek materials, RPG or not, with the Coda system.

    As for Prime Directive, the Free RPG module Temple on Terrilek Prime fit nicely into the campaign, and I extrapolated a "prequel" adventure from the flavor text regarding a hostage crisis on Roon that I got the impression was detailed in another PD product.
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