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Thread: Prime Directive Two - in the Works

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    Well I was just over at ADB's site and reading over there message boards. Came to find out that a Prime Directive 2 RPG is in the works and they are figuring oput what type of game system to use. It seems many SFB players want to do more than just beam, scream, and shoot it out. Eveidence by the recent article in Captain's Log 21 on new character jobs such as Helm, Communications, Command and etc. Well Imagine that even the great Trek "warrior" universe wants to become more civilized and boldly go.

    Anyways I was surprised that no one over there mentioned ICON. There was some mention of FASA but that was as far as it went. Many talked about D20 which I guess would be the best sence WoTC seems bent to convert the world anyways. So we might just still see a D20 based Trek game afterall.

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    I would be very interested in seeing how this goes, as I was a big PD fan. Though the Universe needed serious overhauling, just one war after another it seemed.

    My players loved the idea of Prime Teams though

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    but wouldn't making it more peaceful infringe on Decipher's Trek license? That aside, I'll be very interested. The old mechanics weren't that great, but I loved their version of the universe. All I got of PD itself was the rulebook, but I also have Federation & Empire and a couple SFB products. I'd love sourcebooks for the Klingons with their subject races, the ISC, and, what's it called? Omega Sector? Omega Quadrant? You know, the teaser from F&E.

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